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Central Water & Power Research Station
Khadakwasla Pune-411024.
Contact Person : Dr. Ishwar Datt Gupta
Phone               : +91-20-24103200/24380511
Fax               : +91-20-24381004
Email                : wapis@cwprs.gov.in
Website             : www.cwprs.gov.in

Business Category  :

Government Services
Business Since : 1916
Business Type : Service Provider

About Us:

   Central Water & Power Research Station (CWPRS) became the principal central agency to cater to the R&D needs of projects in the fields of water and energy resources development and water-borne transport. Today, CWPRS, a part of the Union Ministry of Water Resources, is one of the foremost organisations in the world in the field of hydraulics and allied research. CWPRS provides specialized services through physical and mathematical model studies in river training and flood control, hydraulic structures, harbours, coastal protection, foundation engineering, construction materials, pumps and turbines, ship hydrodynamics, hydraulic design of bridges, environmental studies, earth sciences, and cooling water intakes.

Services :

  • Serves three major sectors
    • Water Resource
    • Power
    • Surface Transport
  • Applied and basic research to provide sound and economic solutions for
    • River Engineering
    • Reservoir and Appurtenant Structures
    • Hydraulic Machinery
    • Coastal Engineering
    • Earth Sciences
    • Foundations and Structures
  • Research through physical and mathematical modeling
  • Calibration of flow meters and current meters
  • Important Infrastructure Facilities: land, water, power, equipment, human resources

Specialization :

  • Coastal Engineering
    • Coastal Erosion and Protection
    • Development of Freshwater Reservoir
    • Development of Passenger Water Transport Terminals
    • Rehabilitation of Bio-environment
  • Water Resources
    • Water Quality Studies
    • Spillway & Energy Dissipation
    • Structural Remedial Measures
    • Hydraulic Designs
  • Miscellaneous
    • Controlled Blasting for Rock Excavation
    • Flow Meter Calibration Facility
    • Remote Sensing Applications Laboratory
    • Sediment Disposal Research Centre
    • Aspects Studies For
      • Barrages
      • Bridges
      • Hydroelectric Projects
      • Rivers

The Principle Functions of CWPRS :

  • Planning, organizing and undertaking specific research studies to evaluate, alter, modify or redesign the proposals and/or to redefine the objectives therein relating to all phases of water resources development including water-borne transport, environmental aspects with particular emphasis on the requirements of hydraulic systems and the structures associated therewith
  • Carrying out basic or fundamental research necessary to support its specific/applied research and/or aimed at furtherance of knowledge relevant to the Science and Technology Plans/Objectives of the country and thus to advance the frontiers of knowledge pertaining to water resources and related sciences
  • Rendering consultancy and/or advisory services to the Central and State Governments as may be called upon from time to time
  • Disseminating research findings and building up of a technical data base in water resources
  • Promoting/ assisting research activities in states and other institutions concerned with water resources as the premier national organization in the area of research associated with water resources development and carrying out training of research manpower.

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Clients :
  • Central Water Commission
  • Central Public Works Department
  • Railways
  • Defence
  • Environment and Forests
  • Irrigation
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust
  • New Mangalore Port Trust
  • Chennai Port Trust
  • Kandla Port Trust
  • Marmugao Port Trust
  • Mumbai Port Trust
  • Indian Oil
  • MSEB
  • NTPC
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