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Corporate Office:
Nilkamal House, 14th Street,
Andheri (East).
Mumbai - 400093.

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Material Handling Containers & Eqpt
Storage System - Industrial
Pallet Trucks
Boxes, Crates & Containers
Plastic Crates,Containers, Bags & Rolls
Business Type : Manufacturer

About Us:

  An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Nilkamal is in 5 key businesses - Material Handling Crates, Containers and Bins; Moulded Furniture such as Chairs, Tables and Cabinets; Custom Mouldings & OEM supplies for specific customers; @home, the Mega Home Store Retail Chain; and Service Products for Hospitality Industry. In material handling, Nilkamal is a "One Stop Shop For Material Handling Solutions" and offers a comprehensive product mix right from Bins, Crates, Pallets, Material Handling Equipment ranging from Pallet trucks to Stackers, Forklifts, Shelving and Racking plus all equipment required for the logistics industry. Nilkamal is now the largest manufacturer of Plastic crates offering a wide and an eclectic range of products for various industries ranging from Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Electrical, Logistics, Textiles, Supermarkets, Electronics, Retail, Food & Beverages, Agriculture, Seafood, Hospitality & Catering and other allied business.


  • Crates - FPO - MAX
    • FPO Crates:
      • Partly open front for ease of assembly line work
      • Can be used as ideal assembly units with label holders for easy identification of parts/components
    • MAX Crates
      • In-built groove facility to insert dividers as required. The crates are divided into number of pockets in which different components can be stored separately for avoiding a mix up
      • Made from 100% Virgin Industrial Grade PPCP for strong and long life
  • Crates- Injection Moulded
    • Our foam lined customized crates are used for storage of delicate parts like head lamps, tail lamp, sand core items, mirrors etc
    • These are ideal for the Automotive and Engineering Industries.
  • Customized Crates
    • Our foam lined customized crates are used for storage of delicate parts like head lamps, tail lamp, sand core items, mirrors etc
    • These are ideal for the Automotive and Engineering Industries.

  • Crates- Roto Moulded
    • Roto Moulded Crates are specially used for heavy components and tough applications
    • The automotive industry prefers Nilkamal Roto Moulded Crates for Gears, crankshafts and similar heavy and shaped parts. Similarly, large sized crates are used in the textile industry for applications in spinning, fabric processing, weaving, dyeing and texturising

  • PP Corrugated Products
    • No metal stapling, rivets or glue
    • Fabric laminated for scratch free components handling

  • Crates- Vaccum Formed
    • Faster development of newer crates and facilitation of rapid supply
    • Better safeguarding of quality of components

  • Textile Packaging
    • These are textile partitioned boxes which are very useful in Automotive industry for transportation and handling of sensitive components like lamp assemblies, fenders etc.

  • Pallets- Roto Moulded
    • These innovative pallets are suitable for heavy load, high bay racking and all kinds of handling applications.
    • They are ideal for fitting solutions, waste reduction and hygiene purposes.
  • Metal & Steel Pallets
    • It is an ideal solution for light weight components like plastic/aluminium automotive components, PET bottles, perfumes etc.
    • Patented Technology of 4-corner Aluminium pillars with unique heavy duty four legs & structural Foam Injection Moulding.
  • Kit Crates
    • These are ideal for storage of heavy as well as light weight components.
    • They are widely known for their durability and quality.
  • Rolling Equipments
    • Full-view foldable galvanized metal wire cage enables better material handling storage for products in bulk
    • Suitable for all kinds of environment - even cold, hot, sultry or highly corrosive atmosphere and salt spray conditions like the kind faced during ocean transportation
  • Metal Cages
    • Just in Time (JIT) closed loop returnable systems
    • We offer an innovative range of full view foldable galvanized metal wire cage for better bulk material handling and storage.
  • Material Handling Equipment
    • We offer a complete range of MHE, from basic sturdy Hand Pallet Trucks to advanced Forklifts.
    • We are also the exclusive dealers for Mitsubishi Forklifts pan India.
  • Shelving / Racking
    • Into manufacture and sale of storage systems in metal, we are steadily growing to cater to systematic material storage needs and quick retrieving requirements generated from the manufacturing level to warehousing level.
  • Hanel Automated Vertical Storage & Retrieval System: We have entered into a strategic partnership with M/s Hanel Buro and Lager Systems, Germany, who are the pioneers and brand leaders of Automated Vertical Storage & Retrieval System solutions with presence in over sixty countries, including India.
    • Access control against unauthorized users
    • Frees up space, up to 60%
  • Ice Boxes:
  • Roto Moulded Insulated Ice Boxes are specially designed for storing and transporting frozen foods. They are made from food grade virgin USDA/ FDA/ EU approved polyethylene, PU filled and UV stabilized, thus preserving the freshness of contents for longer duration.
    • Excellent insulation maintains uniform temperature for storage and transportation of frozen food, fish, meat, confectionaries, ice cream, fruits, vegetables, chilled beverages, dairy products and pharmaceutical products.
    • Used for storing soft drinks, perishable items, snacks, pastries and frozen foods.
  • Fish Tubs:
  • Roto Moulded Insulated Fish Tubs are specially designed for storing and transporting sea food, meat and perishable items. They are made from food grade virgin USDA/ FDA/ EU approved polyethylene, PU filled and UV stabilized, thus preserving the freshness of contents for longer duration.
  • Waste Management Tools
    • These material handling crates are suited for storage, collection and safe disposal of waste at individual and community level.
    • Long lasting, Prevent diseases, safe for workers, Resistant to UV radiation
  • Vaccine Carriers:
  • We offer Vaccine Cold boxes and Cold Vaccine Carriers of International standards to store and preserve vaccine bottles used for medical applications in hospitals, clinics, dispensaries and also during Immunization camps for polio and other medical drives.
    • In-built design handle for lifting
    • Integral rustproof hinges with stopper
  • Electrical Resort Vehicles: Electrical Operated Resort Vehicles are an ideal mode of transport for short distances in managed property, golf courses, large housing colonies, 5 star properties like resorts and hotels, large dairies, product manufacturing units and pharmaceuticals.
    • Available in 2 to 14 seaters
    • Battery operated

Joint Ventures :

    We have a joint venture with BITO Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH, Germany to manufacture storage systems of metal in India. In India we are sole dealers for Automated Storage and Retrieval systems, manufactured by Hanel Buro-und lagersysteme, Germany. We are working with Plastic Omnium Systems Urbains S.A of France for supply of high tech plastic waste bins to municipalities, supermarkets, multiplexes, housing colonies etc. Through our quality and deliverance, we are one of the major exporter to Europe, USA, Middle East, Far East, Africa and Asia.

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Regional Offices:

Crates Pune & Pune Depot
103, 104, Mantri Terrace,
Thube Park, Nr Sancheti Hospital,
Shivaji Nagar,
Pune- 411005.
Tel No: 020-25520027, 25520028,
020-25534434, 25534435
Fax :020-25520028

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