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     F C Road -Pune
Unique Academy F C Road Branch is Administrative office. Activities like Counselling, Fee Collection and I-card Issuance is done here. This place is a must visit for every student who enrolls in the institute

What Makes Us Unique

  • Specialized & Expert Faculty having thorough knowledge & experience in guiding students for UPSC / MPSC exams, apart from having in-depth knowledge of the particular subjects that they teach.

  • Focus is to develop conceptual clarity through teaching the basic concepts in simple language as well as developing comprehending capabilities of the students.

  • Comprehensive coaching, full syllabus covered, practise tests and model paper solving.

  • Personal attention, progress of every student is monitored and specific inputs provided as per requirement.

  • Notes and updated study material is provided in lucid and simple language so that the  students can cope up with the dynamic nature of the exam.

  • Centrally located in Pune City and pleasant ambience in classroom.

  • Extra curricular activities such as film club, quiz contests, debating club and paper presentations to promote inquisitiveness and curiosity among students which helps in the  personality development essential for personal interview of Civil Services Exam.
Career In UPSC & MPSC

» UPSC Coaching :

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is an autonomous constitutional body which recruits personnel for different Union Services (except Armed Forces). Civil Service is a crucial institution, which is responsible for implementing the laws made by the legislature as well as the policies formulated by the government. This is the higher class among the public administration, which includes domestic as well as foreign affairs. (However, it does not include judiciary or Armed forces).

The Indian Civil Services are categorized as Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D services. Through a rigorous examination procedure, UPSC recruits personnel for about 20 services. 

» MPSC Coaching :

MPSC (Maharashtra Public Service Commission) has all the ingredients, which are essential to make it a sound career option, namely stability of tenure, attractive salary and social status. But more than that the powers which are bestowed upon the person occupying these posts and the opportunity to utilize these powers for the benefit of the ‘Public’ gives it an edge over the other career options. This sense of fulfillment is the most important thing that makes it a coveted career.

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