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 About Ajit Fire Engineers :

Ajit Fire Engineering provides high quality fire extinguishers, fire protection products as an industry leading systems integrator.

Since 1994, Ajit Fire Engineering has been providing fire protection equipment and services all over Maharashtra. Beginning with the distribution and service of portable fire extinguishers, over the years, fire protection has also come to include fire alarms, voice communications and suppression systems that were introduced to help improve life safety. Since fires can occur anywhere and anytime, it is highly critical that people understand what type of hazard they are dealing with.

 Products Provided by Ajit Fire Engineers :

•   Fire Fighting Equipment. 
•   Fire Detector. 
•   Fire Alarm System. 
•   Fire Extinguisher. 
•   Fire Hydrant System.  
•   Fire Sprinkler System. 
•   Water Spray System.

Fire Safety Acessories :
•   Hose Reel. 
•   Bulb Sprinkler. 
•   Hydrant Valves. 
•   Wet Riser System. 
•   Co2 Flooding System.

Manufacturing :
•   Fire Fighting Equipment. 
•   Fire Ext- inguish Of ISI Mark. 
•   Consumables Dry Chemicals. 
•   ABC Powder. 
•   Afff. Refill. 
•   Compound Spare Parts-Fe Ffe-Fire Hydrant Valve. 
•   Coupling.

 Contact Us :

Ajit Fire Engineers

10, Shaheen Building, K.B. Hidayatulla Road, Off Shankarsheth Road,  Near Poona College,
Opp Dhobi Ghat, Camp, 
Pune, Maharashtra, 411 001

+91-9689890101, 9730577715. 
(IST) 9.00 AM to 6.30 PM. 
   Monday to Saturday (Sunday Off)

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