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All India Radio (AIR)
Rocklands, Opp. Public Gardens,
Hyderabad - 500156.
Andhra Pradesh.
Contact Person : Mr. S. Nagarajan
Phone  [ISD]      : +91-040-23230324 / 23234282 / 23232073
Mobile  [ISD]     : +91-0-9440404557
Telefax [ISD]     : +91-040-23234284
Email                : nagarajan@hotmail.com
Website            : www.radioallindia.com

Business Category  :

Radio Stations
Entertainment Services
Business Since : 1927
Business Type : Service Provider
Working Days : 365
Timings ( IST ) : 24 Hrs

About Us:

   National service planned, developed and operated by the Prasar Bharati Broadcasting Corporation of India. Sound broadcasting started in India in 1927 with the proliferation of private radio clubs. AIR today has a network of 237 broadcasting centers with 149 medium frequency (MW), 54 high frequency (SW) and 177 FM transmitters. The coverage is 91.85% of the area, serving 99.18% of the people in the largest democracy of the world. AIR covers 24 Languages and 146 dialects in home services. In External services, it covers 27 languages; 17 national and 10 foreign languages.

Radio Programs:

  • Vividh Bharati Service - Telugu, Marathi, Tamil
  • FM - Rainbow - Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Punjabi
  • Air Urdu Service
  • Air Gujarathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya
  • Air Rasam
  • Air North East Service
  • Air Vividh Bharati Service
  • Receive System Comprise 60-90 cm Dish + LNB Converter - NEWS Coverage

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Branches :
Hyderabad Mysore
Bangalore Chennai
Coibatore Chandigarh
Delhi Patna
Kolkata Patiala
Guwahati Pune
Mumbai Rajkot

Major Clients : From all over India

Areas Served : All India
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