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Anant Products formed 2011, with the idea of becoming full-fledged retail networking company. The taste belongs to India because we are the highest cultivator of the spices of all variants which are responsible for the adding taste to your food.
The aroma and taste, texture, colour of the pure spices will give birth to rich variety of casuine and cultures. Today, we are the largest networking company at Andhra Pradesh.



Garam Masala

The composition of Garam Masala differs regionally, with wide variety across India.
Varying combinations of these and other spices are used in different Garam Masala recipes in accordance to region and personal taste.

Saoji Masala

Saoji community is known for its hot and spicy non vegetarian delicacies and saoji masala in places where savjis are concentrated in large numbers. Majority of the saoji people are non vegetarian and hence preparation of variety of meat dishes is very common in the community.

Turmeric Powder

G Green presenting you the golden spices of India .we Indian feel proud to be highest cultivator of turmeric in the world almost 90%. G Green high quality turmeric is low in cholesterol and sodium and gives you high dietary fiber.

Stuff Masala

Our stuff masala made for the kitchen recipe, which are the everyday favorites of all Indians.

Chili Powder

Our chilly is from the best farms of Biwapur Maharashtra, Bhiwapuri Bothri Chilli which is known for its hotness and taste. This chilly is supposed to be the best for your health and is a good for stomach. The property of hotness and the natural red colour to give taste and colour to your dish naturally a double befits.



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