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    About Aquatech Systems :

Aquatech Systems was inaugurated in 1990 to use new technology to manufacture and export a wide range of water and waste water treatment plants and its components. Our main motive is to provide end-to-end efficient solutions to our client’s water & waste water treatment requirements, ranging from conventional clarification & filtration systems to different membrane based systems.

Quality Approach :
  • We use the latest technological knowledge striving continually for greater operational efficiency.
  • Maximizing value-for-money for our esteemed client Empowering personnel through greater responsibilities and rigorous training.
  • We make sure that the stock of materials received by us is quality inspected at its respective vendor’s premises.
  • Owing to our quality commitment, we also take the assistance of third party inspection. To ensure the flawless performance of our products, our quality inspectors conduct various tests on them. Some of the factors on which the products are tested include tolerance, stability and rigidness.
Industries Catered To :
  • Thermal Powers
  • Chemical
  • Heavy Engineering
  • Steel
  • Petrochemical / Oil Refinery
  • Food Processing
  • Sugar
  • Textile
  • Distillery / Brewery
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Pharmaceuticals / Medical
  • Electronics
  • Common Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Package/Mineral Water Treatment Plants
   Products Offered by Aquatech Systems :
  • Pre Treatment Plants
    • Industrial Clarifiers: These products are used in various industries and it works on the process of clarification.
    • Lamella Filters: Fluid Systems Lamella Clarifier is a compact and inclined plate type of clarifier which is used to clarify the water & waste water which has higher suspended & colloidal particles. Its application areas include water clarification, sewage treatment and effluent treatment.
  • Filtration Units
    • Activated Carbon Filters: These products are used to remove free chlorine, phenol, taste & odour and reduction COD/BOD.
    • Dual Media Filters: We offer a wide range of dual media filters which includes Pressure Sand Filters and Activated Carbon Filters. All of our filters are used to remove humidity of the turbidity and organics, dechlorination, etc. These filters can be provided in definite configurations, as per the client’s specifications.
    • Sand Filters: We offer a large array of sand filter systems that are used to produce effluent which is low in suspended solids.
    • Side Streams Filters: These filters are used to remove impurities and have received appreciation for its high efficiency, better & stable performance and durability.
    • Valveless Gravity Filters: Auto Valveless Gravity Filter (AVGF) uses sand as the filtering media and operates on the principal of gravity filtration without a valve, pilot mechanism, rate controller, gauge & air compressor. Its main applications include raw water clarification, site stream filtration of cooling tower and many others.
  • Water Softeners
    • Industrial Water Softener: These are used in various application areas such as boiler feed, process water in textile mills, beverage manufacture, laundry and air conditioning plants, cooling tower make-up and jacket cooling.
  • D M Plants
    • Cation Anion Mixed Beds: It is used as ion exchange equipment in various industries. Known for its high performance, we can customize the equipment as per our clients’ specifications.
    • Cation Anions: It is largely used in different industries as ion exchange equipment.
    • Cation Degasser Anions: It is known for high performance, corrosion resistance and ability to work efficiently in complex conditions.
    • Industrial Cation Degasser Anions: It is used in various industries and receives appreciation for efficient performance in complex temperature and pressure conditions.
  • Condensate Polishing Units
    • Steam Condensate Polishing Units: Widely used in nuclear (pressurised water reactor) & fossil power plants, condensate polishing unit is used for purifying return steam condensate. The unit is used mainly to remove Corrosive impurities and dissolved salts.
  • Reverse Osmosis Plants
    • Ultra Filters & Reverse Osmosis Plants: The product operates on the concepts of positive pressure. Some of its application area include ultrapure water for electronic industry, ultrapure water for pharmaceutical industries, process water for manufacturing plants, boiler feed water, beverage and food processing industry, drinking water, wastewater, bio-technology and mineral water.
  • Drinking Water Treatment Plants
    • Mineral Water Packaging & Drinking Water Treatment Plants: To obtain fresh drinking water, many industries demand our mineral Water packaging & drinking water treatment plants.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
    • Effluent Treatment Plants: Main application of the plant is to recycle the waste of wastewater for reuse.
    • Sewage Treatment Plants: Its units are completely covered which prevents noise and fly nuisance. It is widely used in various segments such as hotels, restaurants, holiday resorts, golf and country clubs, housing complexes, townships, national parks, and industrial estates.

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