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    About Auto Steel and Rubber Industries Pvt Ltd :

Auto Steel and Rubber Industries Private Limited (ASRI) has been manufacturing high quality rubber products since 1966. We are specialized in OEM business. We also have received an ISO 9000 certificate and have since qualified for QS 9000 and are among the first of the rubber product manufacturers who have received TS 16949 Certificates. This is indicative of our commitment to be leaders in the field of rubber products manufacturing.

We have a team of engineers, rubber chemists and other technicians with wide know-how in rubber products manufacture. Each of our senior team members has rich experience in their respective fields of specialization. The result of the interaction of these elite technologists and ASRI’s clientele, who form the cream of our nation’s industry, is a wide range of high quality rubber products. These products work ceaselessly in the machinery of these manufacturers.

ASRI is located in the heart of automobile and engineering industry, at India’s Detroit – Pune, barely 160 km from Mumbai and is well connected by road, rail and air.

Quality Status :

ASRI was one of the first Rubber factories in India to obtain ISO 9000 certificate. It then graduated to QS 9000 when it was first introduced. It then obtained ISO 9000-2000 and has received ISO/ TS 16949 certificate

ASRI has self certification status with its major customers.

ASRI was recipient of the prestigious MCCIA – Tata Honeywell Quality Award for the year 2002

Major Clients :

ASRI supplies its rubber products to the best OEMs’ in our country. They have achieved reputation as suppliers of high quality rubber products.

Our Customers are some of the best auto makers in the world. Besides, we supply to the world leaders in Home Appliances, Electrical Equipment, Aircrafts, Cement Machinery, Earth- Moving Equipment and others.

   Products Offered by Auto Steel and Rubber Industries Pvt Ltd :
  O' rings  

For both static and dynamic sealing applications 'O’ rings made from different types of polymers and elastomers plays a vital role. ASRI have been making high quality ‘O’ rings for the last 40 years.

O' rings

Diaphragms are critical rubber components meant to partition a compartment with different pressures and fluids.


Rubber bellows play an important role in automobiles and other equipments in keeping dynamic mechanisms free from dust and other contaminants. Most of the situations require greasing and oiling of the mechanism parts. Hence the chosen rubber has to be oil resistant

  Brass bonded rubber components  

In various applications rubber is bonded to brass for sealing, cushioning and abrasion resistance requirements. It is the rubber that bears the brunt of sealing, cushioning and abrasion resistance whereas the brass acts as the bearing surface of the rubber

Brass bonded rubber components
  Engine Mountings  

Anti-vibrations mountings are designed to absorb shocks in automobiles engines and other systems which requires protections from damage due to vibrations.

  Silicone rubber hoses  

Silicone is a versatile material for manufacturing hoses. It has many useful features like high and low temperature resistances, chemical resistance, air resistances and also resistance from corrosion caused by various fluids.

Silicone rubber hoses
  Cylinder head cover gaskets  

Many new models of automobiles have entered the market and vanished within a short time. The most common complaint from the buyers had been that there was leakage of oil from the cylinder head. So we have come up with the most superior quality Cylinder Head Cover Gaskets in the market.

  Nuclear Biological  hand gloves  

NBC gloves as the name suggests are designed to protect a person during a nuclear biological and chemical attack.

Nuclear Biological  hand gloves
  Suction hoses  

Rubber hoses play a vital role in carrying various fluids at different temperatures in any equipment including automobiles. Rubber hoses have the advantage of flexibility and resistance to shocks due to vibrations.

Suction hoses
  Flexible suction hoses  

A flexible suction hose is a necessary requirement in many application where there is inherent vibration and there is suction pressure.

Flexible suction hoses
  Silicone Hoses  

Our standard Silicone hoses have 3 plies of Polyester reinforcement till hoses of Internal Diameter of 60mm. For larger diameters, we use 4 plies of the same reinforcement to provide better pressure resistance. Our hoses undergo extensive physical, chemical, and biological testing to perfectly match industry needs.

  Silicone Hoses with Nomex® / Aramid Fabric  

The Silicone hoses have 3 or 4 ply reinforcements of aramid fiber (Nomex®)

Silicone Hoses with Nomex® / Aramid Fabric
  Silicone Turbo Charger Hoses  

Turbocharger hoses are used in Automobiles to withstand exhaust gases, corrosive oils & elevated temperatures under the hood. The construction of a turbo charger hose is determined depending upon the service conditions of the hose.

Silicone Turbo Charger Hoses

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