Bhansali and associates, architect and interior designers are practising since 2007, Ar Kishor and Ar Mamta principal architect of studio creatively and meticulously design and execute all kind of architectural, interior and turnkey solutions. There architect and interior designer team worked in versatile field of residential, commercial, hospitality and public sector be it architectural, interior projects no matter how big or small, including supervision for technical part while execution as well as consultancy and turnkey works for various agencies involving scope of work and preparation of all working, technical drawing, views, budgets, sanctioning, selections including RCC, Mechanical, plumbing drawing, Landscape drawings and Details.

Architect Bhansali believe each and every project should update with latest style, technique, theme as per client requirement and budget. They work on their core values of high level professional integrity, proving value based solutions, uncompromising attitude on quality and continuously update technology and adopting latest trends and style.

Bhansali and associates always believe "through our hard work in the versatile field of creativity and design, we have demonstrated the commitment, perseverance and ambition necessary to succeed in a highly competitive environment."

“My purpose is to keep inspiring creations that turn dream into reality and elevate the productivity and lifestyle of people”


  • Interior Designing Consultant

  • Architectural Designing

  • Institutional Interior Designing

  • Project Management

  • Landscape Designing

  • Structural Designing