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Authorized Sales Dealers for Powerica Ltd.
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C S Enterprises, Nana Peth, Pune

 About C S Enterprises :

C S Enterprises is a registered Proprietory firm formed in March 1993 in Pune. We are the Authorized Sales Dealer for Cummins Powerica Generating Sets. Presently we are into the business of New / old D G sets Sales and Installations as per Maharashtra Pollution Control Norms (For Exhaust Stack Heights), and also as per the guidelines of the Electrical Inspector from the safety aspect (Electrical Installations).

Major Clients:
  • Seed Infotech
  • Gupte Hospital, Deccan Gymkhana PUNE, Cummins make converted engine 82.5 KVA D G set.( Room Acoustic )
  • Epicentre Technologies Ltd Bhainder Thane Mumbai, old Cummins make 625 and 200 KVA D G sets.
  • Garrison Engineers, MES various sites In PUNE for the 125 KVA, 100 KVA, and 82.5 KVA set at HQ southern Command.
  • NBCD school INS Shivaji Lonavala Pune for their 500 KVA D G set Cummins make
  • Poona Hospital and research center Pune for Noise reduction enclosures of their 750, 380 and 125 KVA D G sets. (Room Acoustic.).
  • Kirloskar Brothers Ltd Kirloskarwadi Distt Sangli Maharashtra. For 1000 KVA H E Cooled Cummins make D G sets qty 3 No`s.
  • Global Towers Ltd IWTL Sanaswadi Pune for Caterpillar make 500 KVA D G sets qty 2 No`s.
      • United Gensets Navi Mumbai (rental D g sets provider). For 250 KVA qty 3 No`s Cummins make long coupled D G sets, a RTU common lifting unit with Acoustic supplied for their Rajasthan project.
      • Garware Elastomerics Ltd. Pune and Wai distt Pune for 750 KVA D G sets of Cummins make.
      • MT Machine tools Pimpri Pune, Caterpillar make 380 KVA D G set.
      • ITWL Sanaswadi Distt Pune for their 160 KVA MWM Greaves makes DG.
      • Parshuram Electricals Pune for their 320 KVA Cummins make mobile D G set mounted on a truck.
      • Bank of Maharashtra Regional office Pune for their 200 KVA D G set of Cummins make.
      • Various other customers for 100 / 125 / Cummins and Kirloskar make D g set. In and around Pune.
      • Alfa laval India Ltd. For their Nitrogen Pumps provided to Ranbaxy ltd with food grade Acoustic material and SS casing.

 Service Provided by C S Enterprises :
  • Load study/calculations for economic Genset sizing
  • New (CUMMINS_POWERICA sets only)/old (any make) D G set sales.
  • Buyback of old Gensets for capacity/performance augmentation.
  • Comprehensive Installation jobs, with safety aspect conforming to PWD Inspectorate guidelines.
  • With Exhaust stack conforming to MPCB guidelines.
  • Trolley mounted sets.
  • Solar Power Systems on Grid / Off Grid Systems
  • ATS and AMF panels.
  • Synchronizing and distribution panels
  • Acoustic Enclosures (MS, Aluminium, Or SS – Stationary & mobile.)
  • Noise and vibration reducing solutions.
  • Acoustic room treatment for utilities.
  • Noise suppression for various applications.
 Contact Us :

C S Enterprises

Nana Peth,

Mr. Rajendra Dande
+91- 9822096055
cs615@vsnl.net  / rajendradande@gmail.com
(IST) 10.00am to 6.00pm
Monday to Saturday (Sunday Off)

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