About Consolidated Hoists Private Limited

The company Consolidated Hoists Private Limited, or ‘ CHPL’ as it is popularly known, was set up and incorporated as a private limited entity, by its founder Ramdas K Amembal in the year 1966. The company was setup to serve as a dependable source for the Design, Development, Manufacture and Distribution of Sturdy, High quality Hoists and Cranes of various types and sizes.
Over the years, CHPL has grown from strength to strength and is well known in the markets of the Indian Sub- Continent as well as that of East and North Africa and the Middle East, not only for its products but also for the excellent after sales service that it provides to its varied clientele in the above mentioned markets. Today CHPL is An ISO 9001:2008 Company with a proud record of 21,000 hoists and 6000 cranes, Erected and Commissioned for Diverse Sector of industry within India as well as other regions in the world, either directly or through its network of Authorised Dealers Liaison Agents. Awards, certifications, Accreditations :
C.H.P.L. Received ISO 9001:2008 Certification in the year 2001.
Areas Served :
Indian Subcontinent (Except Pakistan)
South East Asia
East and North Africa
G.C.C. States in the Middle East

Our Services:

Single Girder Cranes
Double Girder Cranes
Under slung Cranes
Goliath and Semi goliath Cranes
Open Winch Hoists
Wire Rope Hoists
Chain Hoists
Service Provided:
• Pre- Sales Consultancy Services
• After Marketing Services (Installation & Commissioning)
• Post-Sales Maintenance Service
• Supply of Hi-Quality Spares and Accessories
Clients :
CHPL has about one thousand & six hundred customers, as of today, of whom about three hundred are major clients who have been with company for over thirty odd years These three hundred clients are drawn from diverse sectors of industry, such as those of nuclear, thermal, wind and Hydro- Electric Power, Infrastructural development, Railways and Aviation as well as the Armed Forces of India. Some of these companies are listed below,
• Lanco
• Reliance Infrastructure
• Tata Motors
• Tata Steels
• Mahindra & Mahindra
• Swaraj Mazada
• Chennai Petroleum Ltd
• Kirloskar Brothers Ltd
• Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd
• India Cements
• Bharat Forge