Manufacturers of Hydraulic Power Packs & Cylinders, Pumps, Control Valves, High Pressure Pumps, Hydraulic Presses Division & Fittings, Manifold Assemblies, Motor Pumps Assemblies. Authorised dealers for YUKEN, BHAGWATI, VELJAN, DOWTY, hydroline products & polyhydron our product line includes :

Hydraulic power packs
Hydraulic cylinders
Hydraulic pumps
Control valves
High pressure pumps
Hydraulic presses Division
Hydraulic fittings
Manifold assemblies
Motor pumps assemblies


Polyhydron Hydraulic Products
Radial piston pumps
Hand pumps
Direction controls balancing valves
Pressure switches
Check valves

Dowty Hydraulics Products
Gear pumps
Tandem pumps
ATOS electro hydraulic products
WALVOIL mobile components

Precision Hydraulic Cylinders
Hydraulic Cylinders
Precision Hydraulic Cylinders

Bhagwati Hydraulic Products
High pressure return line filters
Duplex filters
Filter elements
Fabricated filters
Mobile filtration

Hydroline Hydraulic Products
Air breathers
Pressure and return line filters
Suction strainers
Level gauges

Yuken Hydraulic Products
Corrosion resistant piston pumps
Vans pumps
Direction control valves
Pressure and flow control
Modular, Electro, Proportional valves

Veljan Hydraulic Products
High pressure and flow hydraulic products,
Single, double, triple vane pumps
Hydraulic motors

Electric Motor Pump Assembly

High Pressure Hydraulic Power Pack
Capacity ranging between 15 liters to 1000 liters
Operational under the pressure range of 350 kg/cm 2
Durable Corrosion resistant

Industrial Manifold Assembly

Industrial Hydraulic Press