Dr. Milind Bapat is a Practicing Consultant and Urosurgeon since 1992, having experience of more than two decade. He specializes in all kinds of consultations related to Urology and Andrology, stone specialist doctor. He is registered with Maharashtra Medical Council, Bombay. He has done M.B.B.S. in 1986 and M.S. (Gen. Surg) in 1989 from Govt.
Medical College Auranagabad. He has done DNB (Urology) from Diplomate National Board, New Delhi. He has vast and rich knowledge of ICH-GCP guidelines.
Dr. Milind Bapat is a well reputed doctor for stone test, he has specialization in consultations related kidney stones, kidney or bladder tumors, incontinence and female genital prolapses.A kidney stone consulting doctor, stone specialist Dr. Milind Bapat, Near Vidya Sahakari Bank, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune


Dr. Milind Bapat is practicing Urological Surgeries Since 1992 and has vast experience in treating various diseases.

Prostaste Disease: Performed more than 3500 TURP Surgeries
Stone Disease: Performed more than 3000 rigid & flexible
Ureterscopies for Ureteric & RenalCalyceal Stones, 2000 PCNL for Large Renal Stones, and Supervised more than 5000 ESWL Procedures.
Uro-Oncology: Performed more than 150 radical Nephrectomies for Kidney Cancers & 100 Radical Cystectomies/Radical Prostectomies for Bladder & Prostate Cancer
Renal Transplantation: Performed More than 500 Renal Transplants Since 1999, Routinely doing Dialysis Access Surgeries (AV Fistula)
Andrology: Doing Vasal Reconstruction /Vaso Epididymal Anastomosis & Penile Implant surgeries
Reconstructive Urology: Routinely Performing Urethroplasties For Urethral Stricture Disease & performing Complex Urinary Tact Reconstructions For Congenital Anomalies (VU Reflux, PUJ Obstructions), Neurogenic Bladders (Cystoplasty) & Iatrogenic Urinary Tract Injuries (VVF/UVF)


Dr. Milind Bapat is well known specialist of the following disorders:

Bladder Cancer
Prostate cancer
Kidney cancer

Stone Disease:
Flexible Scopy
Erectile Dysfunction & Male Infertility, Urethral Structure Surgery- Ureteroplasty


Dr. Milind Bapat has attended many National and International conferences.


Dr. Milind Bapat delivered lectures as an expert at many National Conferences and CME.


Dr. Milind Bapat is honorary faculty to the National Board Training Programme in the Discipline of Genito Urinary Surgery.