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ABOUT Dr Neha Pande

Dr. Pande’s Psychotherapy Clinic provides exclusive Psychotherapy & Counseling services to individuals, couples & families having emotional, psychological & relationship issues. Dr. Neha Pande, Consultant Psychiatrist & Relations Psychotherapist, has an experience of 30 years in the field of Mental Health. She is a retired Professor of Psychiatry from B. J. Medical College Pune. Dr. Pande is a certified Psychotherapist from UK, having trained in the British School of Analytic Psychotherapy & specializes in Short-term Intensive Dynamic Psychotherapy.

Memberships of Councils: Life Fellow of Indian Psychiatric Society.

Our Patients

Usually a person enters Psychotherapy, or is accompanied by relatives for the most common problem that he/she or the close relations cannot understand why he/she feels so angry, so depressed, so obsessed with triviality, so afraid of nothing. "No one really understand me, people are either giving advices which have not worked or they get angry about being stuck in circumstances, you don't want to help yourself, be real, get on with your life, don't make a big deal of it." Most people start feeling lonely and unhappy at this point for not being heard. This is despite their knowledge that they are smart enough to see that their behaviors, fears and feelings are not working for them anymore.