High Energy Materials Research Laboratory

Pune-411021 , Maharashtra -India

Phone                 : 020-25869062
Email                  : director@hemrl.drdo.in

Business Category       :
Scientific & Research Institutes

Business Type : Research Institute
Year of Establishment : 1908
Staff : 1200
An ISO-9001:2000 Certified Laboratory

   High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL) is located in Pune and its main function is the research and development of technologies and products in the area of high energy materials and explosive materials. HEMRL is organized under the Armaments Directorate of DRDO. HEMRL has core strength of 1200 personnel, comprising chemists, physicists, mathematicians, chemical, mechanical and electronic engineers. It is recognized as a postgraduate centre for basic and applied research.

Products/Technologies :

HEMRL handles different projects for the Indian Armed Forces and other organizations like BARC and the Indian Space Research Organization

  • Air Regenerating Composition
    • This composition is used for maintaining breathable air within a closed space.
    • It regenerates air inside confined space by liberating oxygen and simultaneously absorbing carbon dioxide.
    • Used in civil applications like rescue work, in mines, fire/ toxic environments, toxic gas/chemical plant operation, mountaineering expeditions, complete air regeneration inside a spacecraft, under sea exploration and mining etc.
  • Chemical Kit for Detection of Explosives (CKDE)
    • Designed and perfected for field detection of traces of explosives
    • Used for identification of all common military, civil and home-made explosive compositions, and is being used by Police and BSF for the detection of explosives

Areas of Work:
  • Basic and applied research in all areas of high energy materials
  • Formulation, design and development of propellants, high explosives, pyrotechnics, polymeric materials, liners/insulators etc.
  • Synthesis of new compounds of importance in the field of HEMs.
  • Studies on physico-chemical and combustion characteristics of materials
  • Study of detonation phenomena and development of new systems
  • Design and development of pilot plants for synthesis of high energy materials and related non-explosive chemicals required by Services/Defence organizations
  • Transfer of technology to appropriate agencies

Facilities :

In addition to a number of laboratory analytical instruments, facilities are available at this laboratory for study of explosive, propellant and pyrotechnic phenomena. Some of the facilities are:

  • Measurement of flame intensity in visible & IR regions.
  • Measurement of Flame temperature.
  • Synthesizing high energy materials.
  • Pilot plant for high energy materials & allied chemicals.
  • Rocket testing in static conditions.
  • Study of detonation phenomenon.
  • Determination of mechanical properties of propellants & polymers.
  • Non destructive testing.

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Programmes Conducted:

Regular training programmes are conducted in the following disciplines

  • Rocket Propellants
  • Gun Propellants
  • High Explosives
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Ballistics
  • Explosion Dynamics
  • Explosive and Environmental safety
  • Instrumental Analysis
  • Instrumentation for Evaluation of High Energy Materials
  • Administrative management
  • Human resource development.

  • Padmashri in 1973 to Shri R Krishnan, DCSO.
  • Scientist of the Year Award in 1983 to Dr. Haridwar Singh for his significant contributions in the field of rocket propellants and allied technologies.
  • National Award for import substitution in 1984 for distinguished work on SAM-75 booster propellants.
  • Silicon Trophy in 1984 for MBT Project.
  • Titanium trophy in 1989 in recognition of achievements in the field of Science and Technology
  • Scientist of the Year Award in 1993 to Dr. Haridwar Singh, Director, HEMRL for his significant contributions in the field of rocket propellants and allied technologies.
  • ASI Award in 1994, to Dr Haridwar Singh, Director, HEMRL, for significant contributions in the field of rocket propellants and allied technologies.
  • Scientist of the Year Award in 1995, for Shri PG Shrotri, Sc 'G' for significant contribution in the field of Armaments.
  • Best Performance Award in 1998 to Shri SG Joshi, TO 'C'.
  • Agni Award for Excellence in Self Reliance in 1998 to Dr Haridwar Singh, Director, Shri JS Karir, Associate Director, Shri RGK Nair, Associate Director and Shri S Jayaraman, Joint Director. NRDC Technology Award in 1999 for the development of CCC Technology.
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