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Indiacom Limited
Head Office:
Hermes Heritage, (Commercial), Nagar Road,
Opp MSEB Substation,
Shastri Nagar,
Phone               : +91-20-26603600
Fax              : +91-20-26616606
Email                : marketing@indiacom.com
Website           : www.indiacom.com
WAP Enable site: http://m.indiacom.com

Business Category  :
Big Data Analytics
Content Licensing
Direct Marketing / Direct Mailing
Business Since : 1988
Business Type : Service Provider

Business Profile :

  • One of India's leading provider of business information & marketing tools.
  • Also a lead player in the Business Directories Industry
  • Established in 1988
  • Headquarters in Pune. Offices in 3 other commercially important cities
  • Owns and manages one of India's most valuable commercial databases with existing information on 3 million business entities across India,and growing fast.
  • Licensor of Business information to most major global search engines
  • Also owns and licenses geo-navigational data (Lat / Long and Directional Data)
  • Dedicated in-house call centre and setup to provide sales and marketing services under the Customer Acquisition and Retention Programme
   Indiacom Ltd, formerly Sesa Seat Information Systems Ltd. has been a well known name in the Indian information Industry since its establishment in 1988. Starting out as a publisher of business directories, Indiacom has operated and published directories in over 45 commercially important cities across India. Having acquired a large amount of good quality information for its publishing business, the logical next step for Indiacom was then to try to address the rising demand for good quality business databases within India.

   Today Indiacom owns and manages a database of over 5 million businesses in over 100 commercially important cities across India. This information is constantly refreshed and enhanced using Indiacom's excellent quality check and acquisition processes.

   To cater to the rapidly growing demand for mapping and navigational information from the industry, Indiacom has now also undertaken the exercise of geo-coding (attaching a latitude / longitude co-ordinate) to each of the business listings in its database, enabling its licensees & clients to precisely pin-point the location of each business on an electronic map.

   At Indiacom, Our Business, is helping you Grow Your Business!

Products & Services :

    • Directories & Yellow Pages - Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad & Vadodara
    • Regional Business Directory - Maharashtra, Gujrat & Andhra Pradesh
    • Health Guide - Pune & Vadodara
    • Online Yellow Pages www.indiacom.com - The "Find" Engine
    • Indiacom Business (Web) Profile
    • SMS Solutions
    • Email Solutions
    • Social Media presence & Management
    • Database Licensor to Global Search Engines

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Cities :
  • Hyderabad
  • Pune
  • Vadodara
Branches :

R.K. Niwas, 1st Floor,
A-13, Indian Airlines Colony,
Hyderabad - 500 016.
Tel : (040) 2790 0000
Fax : (040) 2790 2555
E-mail : hyderabad@indiacom.com

‘Hermes Heritage’,
Phase 1 (Commercial),
Shastri Nagar, Nagar Road,
Pune - 411 006.
Tel : (020) 2660 3600
Fax : (020) 2661 6606
E-mail : pune@indiacom.com

1st Floor, Indraprasth,
“B”Tower, Race Course Circle,
Vadodara - 390 007.
Tel : (0265) 233 1331 / 233 1234
E-mail : baroda@indiacom.com
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