Kamaksha Thermocol
Survey No-494/2, Lande Patil Colony,
Contact Person : Mr. Raju Pathare.
Phone               : +91-020-32601651
Mobile              : +91-0-9325096429
Fax                   : +91-020-27149900
Email                : kamakshathermocol@gmail.com
Website            : www.kamakshathermocol.com
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Business Category  :

Thermocole Packaging
Corrugated Boxes
Boxes, Crates and Containers
Insulation Material - Thermal and Acoustic
Packaging Material
Business Since : 1999
Business Type : Manufacturer
Working Days : 6 Days
Timings : 8:00am to 6:00pm

About Us:

   Since 1999, we are well established firm dealing in thermo Cole product. We are manufacturing the E.P.S. Thermo Cole Blocks, Moulding Boxes, Sheets, & Pipe Sections. And we also manufacture Corrugation Sheets, Rolls, and Boxes. We can provide you any type of Thermo Cole Material as per your requirement

Products / Service Provided :

  • Moulding Boxes
  • Moulding Sheets
  • Moulding Pipe sections
  • Corrugation Rolls
  • Corrugation Boxes
  • Corrugation Sheets
  • EPS Thermo cole Blocks

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Areas Served : Pune
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