Kelkar Brothers Sales Private Ltd
Authorised Distributors: Kirloskar Pumps, Monoblocks, Valves, AC Generators, Diesel Engines, Ele. Motors, Standard Lathes

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  About Kelkar Brothers Sales Private Ltd.

Electric Motors:

Manufactured by Kirloskar Electric Co Ltd.
Standard Ratings Induction Motors:

  • Primo Series
  • Spectrum Series

Special Application Motors:

  • Flame-Proof Motors
  • Crane Duty Motors
  • Motorised Gear Units (with Helical Gears)

AC Generators

Manufactured by Kirloskar Electric Co Ltd.
Compact Design, High Power Weight Ratio,
Automated Winding Impregnation Lines (Trickle and Roll) for better life.
Jointless Winding  For better reliability.
Best suited for Non-Linear Loads.


Single Stage Pumps : type – KDS+ / KDS++
Single Stage Pumps : type – KS
Domestic, Self Priming Pumps : type – Mini
Openwell Submersible Pumps : type – KOS
Deepwell Jet Pumps : type – KJ-V / KJ-H / KJ++
Borewell Submersible Pumps : type – KU4

Machine Tools:

Manufactured by The Mysore Kirloskar Ltd.
Turnmaster Series
Enterprise Series
Bombay Series
Radial Drilling Machines
Surface Grinding Machines
CNC Machine
Milling Machine
Milling Machines :  -  Vertical Turret type
Milling Machines :     Bed type
Milling Machines :     Universal type

Diesel Engines:

Manufactured by Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.
For Water Pump Set   - For Concrete Mixer
Sugarcane Crusher     -  For Atta Chakki
For Thresher               -  For Sewage
 Power Generation       -  Cleaning  , Marine Applications

Services offered by Kelkar Brothers Sales Pvt Ltd

In addition to work-shop machinery, we also supply various types Drilling, Milling, Grinding, Shaping, Cutting machines, Hand/power processes and Hydraulic power units and their accessories.

Apart from above products, we deal in other products required for above enlisted products - These are

Starters, Switches, Capacitors, Control Panels, Cables, Pipes / Fittings, Couplings, Base plates for all types of   pumps, motors, engines.
To top it, we deal in genuine spares and accessories for all these items, to keep your machinery in   proper working condition.
 We do not only carry out the marketing activities mention above, but we also serve the industry with the generally over looked aspect in the marketing, i.e. Designing and Servicing.

Our regular practice is to make design as per your requirements, and then to find out the product, which will give you optimum efficiency to suit your requirement.

Our main stress is on proper designing, whether it is a smaller water supply scheme for residential complexes, or a larger lift irrigation scheme, or any other agricultural / industrial application.

We undertake turn-key jobs from designing to installation and commissioning stage.

We have a servicing set up through Kelkar Brothers, our sister firm, for giving your machines a proper maintenance, from preventive maintenance to break-down maintenance and rewinding of various types of machinery. We carry our servicing of all the items, which we market

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