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Kumbhojkar Plastic Moulders, Balewadi, Pune

 About Kumbhojkar Plastic Moulders :

Kumbhojkar™ Plastic Moulders are pioneer in the field of Industrial Engineering Plastics in Pune City, Maharashtra state (INDIA) since 1968. We have vast experience and expertise of Designing, Developing & Manufacturing Precision Plastic Moulded products. We specialise in design & manufacture of a wide range of Innovative Plastic Products like Cable Carrier Assembly, Plastic Flexible Coolant Pipe, Chain & Standpoles, Vice, Nylocking Rings, Cable Drag Chains, Multi-directional Wheels & Gravity Rollers, which are manufactured for the first time in India. Our Product Range meets the international standards of quality & utility. These Innovative Engineering Plastic Products are used in all types of Industries.

 Products provided by Kumbhojkar Plastic Moulders :

Cable Carrier Assembly:
Cable Carrier Assembly Bibwewadi, Pune  100% safe innovative cable trailing system. Avoids leakage of electric current. Maintenance-free, high durability. Free, smooth and very easy movement. Over 70 types/ varieties to carry all sizes of cables on almost all types of tracks, introduced for the first time in India in 1986.

Pendant Control Station :
Pendant Control Station, Balewadi, Pune Pendant control stations are designed to facilitate lifting and handling applications in Cranes and Hoists. They are connected to motors where direct control can be achieved.

Drag Chain/ Cable Carrier System :
Drag Chain/ Cable Carrier System, Balewadi, Pune Cable Drag Chain is a reliable solution to carry cables and hoses in motion on almost all type of machines like NC, CNC to Rugged Cranes. Available in various sizes useful for electric cable hoses.

Plastic Flexible Coolant Pipes :
Plastic Flexible Coolant Pipes, Balewadi, Pune Most efficient coolant flow right on the tool through elegant plastic flexible pipe at most economical price. Introduced for the first time in India in 1986.

Plastic Tool Pockets :
Plastic Tool Pockets, Balewadi, Pune  Best way to store, carry and protect CNC/ NC Tool Holders.

Knobs :
Knobs, Balewadi, Pune   Varied range with studs/inserts/types in Bakelite/Polyamide/Acetate material.

Handles :
Handles , Balewadi, Pune  Bakelite/Plastic moulded Handles and wheels with Studs/Inserts/Bush. Wide range available.

Plastic Chain and Standpoles :
Plastic Chain and Standpoles, Balewadi, Pune Plastic chain and standpoles useful for demarcation, partition, fencing, now made most convenient, most attractive and most economical.

Nylocking Rings :
Nylocking Rings, Balewadi, Pune   Best Nylocking substitute for nylocking nuts. Much cheaper than nylocking nuts.

Mini Rail System :
Mini Rail System, Balewadi, Pune  Unique system to handle light and medium weight packages.

Gravity Rollers :
Gravity Rollers,Balewadi, Pune  Gravity Rollers- Plastic rollers to convey light weight articles. Non-corrosive, maintenance free, low noise efficient and economic system. Available in engineering plastic materials in different sizes.

Oil Windows :
Oil Windows, Balewadi, Pune Oil sight Glass and Oil level Windows, Drain Plugs etc, available in aluminium, engineering plastic and first time Nylon.

Signal Stickers :
Signal Stickers, Balewadi, Pune  The instructions/Signals/ Signs you always desired to have with you, handy, are creatively designed and excellently printed on self adhesive PVC cutout paper.

Safety Signs :
Safety Signs, Balewadi, Pune The measure against the need for correct signs at workplace. 32 signs required often are available on non-adhesive laminated paper.

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