Since 1978, MANMAN is a pioneer manufacturer of surgical power tools. These instruments are designed and developed to suit customer needs. Manman has a well equipped workshop & office with highly skilled workers, experienced staff and innovative management at Pune. Manman has designed, manufactured and supplied various equipments after careful interaction with surgical professionals. Some of the innovative products established in India and abroad are for Cardiac, Neuro, Ortho and Plastic surgery.

Our Mission:
“Our aim is to innovate & produce surgical instruments, to help surgeons in their day to day work to improve the quality of surgery. Most of our products are import substitutes & widely accepted by users throughout India & some neighboring countries. Our costs are almost 10 times less compared to the imported instruments, available in India, with 100% equivalent performance.”

Standards Achieved:
We are the company with the following standards:
• ISO 9001:2008 - by Zenith Quality Assessors Pvt. Ltd.
• ISO 13485:2003 - by Zenith Quality Assessors Pvt. Ltd. (required for medical device manufactures)

Our World-wide Presence:
• Australia • Bangladesh • Dubai • England • India • Indonesia • Iran • Kenya • Malaysia • Mauritius • Nepal • Nigeria • Pakistan • Papua-New-Guinea • Peru • Sri Lanka • Singapore • Thailand • Yemen


Cardiac Products:
• Manman Resternotomy Saw Handpiece

Neuro Products:
• Manman Pen Type Drill Handpiece
• Manman Flexible Shaft with Dummy Shaft
• Manman Craniotome Handpiece

Ortho Products:
• Manman Bone Drilling & Reaming 800 Rpm Drill Handpiece
• Manman Reverse-Forward Handpiece
• Manman Cannualated Drill Handpiece