Call : +91-20-26136690
Timing (Mon-Sun) : 9:30am – 9:30pm

    About Marz–O–Rin :

Housed in an over 100 years old Heritage building, Marz – o – Rin is one of the very first fast food establishments in Pune. Founded by Mr. Sheriar J. Sheriyarji in 1965 with only four items on the menu; toady Marz – o – Rin boasts of around 150 delicacies on its menu. Besides, Marz – o – Rin is situated in one of the most well known locations in Pune.

We continue to serve good food with fast service at affordable prices, along with quick take – aways and spacious seating that can accommodate over one hundred people. Our main items are Sandwiches, Rolls and Burgers, along with Fruit Drinks, Milkshakes and Ice – creams. We also have a wide array of whole – wheat products as well as Hot Bakes and Grilled Sandwiches.
Our Products
  • We do not serve Fried Foods, Potato Fries, Chips or Colas. We take utmost care to ensure that all our products are nutritious and affordable.
  • Our Breads are freshly baked everyday in our in – house Bakery
  • Our Breads are fortified with Soya flour, Non – Fat milk solids and Multi – Fiber blends that include Soluble & Insoluble Fiber.
  • We make our own Mayonnaise which is 100% Vegetarian.
  • Our Ice-creams and Thick Shakes are also 100% Vegetarian.
  • Our Chicken is thoroughly pressure cooked well above WHO norms.
  • We use only Low-fat, Non-cholesterol, Non-Dairy cream all our Pastries and Desserts.
  • We only use Lean Chicken without any Skin or Fat.
  • We have a variety of delicious low fat, no cholesterol, eggless cakes as well as low Fat Sugar free desserts and Beverages.
  • We do not use MSG in our products.
  • We do not use Potassium Bromate or Lodite in any of our breads.
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