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  FAQ / Tips :

Are dental treatments supposed to be lifelong?

Yes, certainly! Well-treated teeth are supposed to serve lifelong provided you take care of the most important maintenance aspects. Decay in a tooth already filled, or decay next to the capped tooth is most of the times due to improper oral hygiene maintenance. Follow your dentist's instructions meticulously and visit him for regular checkups at the advised time intervals. This will help you to get the maximum benefit of the treatment done and give u an insight to any new problems that may be inconspicuous to you.

From the wide variety of caps available which one should I opt for?

The front teeth needless to say require tooth coloured caps. Beginning from the lowest quality to the better ones one has to choose depending upon the aesthetic demand and the affordability. Front teeth caps are of two types largely supported by metal and metal free.

How to get the most from your home care routine?

You can help improve your oral hygiene by making plaque and calculus (tartar) control part of your daily routine. Proper brushing helps remove plaque from the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces of your teeth. An accepted method for proper brushing is shown below. Your dentist or hygienist may suggest another. Flossing thoroughly helps remove plaque and debris from between the teeth, especially in hard-to-reach areas at and slightly under the gum line. Between office visits, use a fluoride toothpaste that protects against cavities and reduces tartar formation.

Oral Hygiene / Maintenance

Meticulous oral hygiene maintenance is necessary for overall maintenance of dental health. It implies effective removal of "dental plaque". Dental plaque is an invisible soft gelatinous film containing a lot of bacteria that forms on the surfaces of the teeth. Brush twice daily, floss once daily. Any soft or medium toothbrush with a pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste should be used. Flossing helps to clean in between teeth where a brush cannot reach.

Visit your dentist for regular check ups. Your dentist will advise you about any additional cleaning methods (eg. inter-dental brushing, use of medicated oral rinses) you may need.

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