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Periodontitis is the most common problem of teeth. It is the outcome of gingivitis development, causing infection and inflammation of the bones and ligaments that hold the teeth. Failure of support causes the teeth to fall out. It is caused when this infection or inflammation of the gums is not treated. 

Scaling and polishing:
Scaling takes away bacteria and tartar from the surface of the tooth and underneath the gums. It can be done by using an ultrasonic device or instrument. This treatment is a routinely required one sometimes every 6 monthly.


Prosthodontics is a science of replacing lost teeth and related structures. It includes-

A Crown is a type of Dental Restoration in which a tooth is encircled with a Cap. Crowns are needed when large cavities threaten the health of teeth.

Bridge and Dental Implants:

In Bridge and Dental Implants procedure we construct the false tooth according to your needs and then the bridge is fixed to your adjacent teeth. In Dental Implants we avoid grinding of the teeth. Thereby this is a more conservative treatment option.

Root Canal

Root Canal of a tooth is done if a dentist associates an infection with the pulp tissue deep inside a tooth. This happens commonly after a tooth has a deep cavity which reaches this pulp tissue OR is very close to it.

Smile Design

Smile Design is the ultimate art of dentistry.


Dental laminates are wonderful tools to deliver esthetic changes or corrections to teeth. They are used to correct small imperfections in smile, discoloration of teeth which are not easy to bleach. These can be ceramic or composites.



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