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Pest Control (India) Pvt. Ltd.
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Pest Control Services
Business Since : 1954
Business Type : Service Provider

About Us:

   Pest Control (India) Pvt. Ltd., PCI, is the first and largest pest management company in India. PCI offers a comprehensive range of Professional Pest Management Services and Quality Products and Equipment through a countrywide network of over 150 offices and 3500 employees.Our own product formulation and manufacturing (liquid and gas) facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art quality control, analysis and research and development (R&D) facilities. Bio-Control Research Laboratories (BCRL) is a modern facility engaged in the propagation and production of various biological control agents and bio-pesticides and spearheads the company's commitment towards environment-friendly pest management techniques.

Pest Control Services :

  • GoldSeal Service - Gel-baiting system to control cockroaches, ants & silverfish - also available for your car
  • WBM Service - Service to control the wood borer/powder post beetle larvae
  • Bug Buster Service - Specialised service against the menacing Bed Bug
  • TermiSeal Service - A customized post-construction and pre-construction service to control or prevent the attack from termites
  • IMM Service - Comprehensive and customized mosquito control services for residential and commercial venues
  • IFM Service - Integrated management through specific products and services to ensure control of flies in homes, food establishments, etc
  • SIM Service - This is a specialized service for monitoring insect pests in stored product, food processing and export industries
  • ISM Service - Spider control service for commercial and food storage/processing establishments
  • Pied Piper Service - Safe, eco-friendly rodent control services for commercial establishments and common areas of residences
  • Bee-Safe Service - Eco-friendly removal of beehives without killing the bees
  • Flea-Ting Service - Created to help rid your home from your pet's pests, like fleas and ticks
  • AFT Service - Anti-Fungal treatment for commercial and office areas
  • Pest Audits - Pest situation/infestation, remedies and preventative measures are documented in report form for our commercial clients
  • Sterifume Service - Designed for surface disinfection; kills viruses and bacteria through safe chemicals and methods
  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation - Use of Ethylene Oxide to sterilize pharmaceutical, cosmetic grade raw material, food products for domestic and export requirements
  • ConServe Service - Combination of several services, as per client requirement, including special treatments for rare and precious museum artifacts
  • Integrated Weed Management - Integrated method to tackle destructive weeds from commercial and residential structures
  • Sea Transport Pest Management - An integrated approach that tackles the essential and perhaps the non-essential pest issues on board shipping vessels
  • SnakePro Service - A "snake-safe" service, this provides periphery protection against intrusions from such reptiles
  • Housekeeping, Cleaning & Support - This is the facility management extension of PCI, providing cleaning and housekeeping needs to our customers
  • PestAware Service - Community and commercial awareness programs to help customers and non-customers build awareness into pest problems and their prevention
  • Pro-Guard Service - This service is primarily designed to battle common warehouse pests on surfaces of your structure, and also to prevent them from coming back in
  • Car Pro Service - Gel-baiting system to control cockroaches, ants & silverfish for your car

Pest Control Products by Pest Control (India) Pvt. Ltd.:

  • Residential/Commercial Products
    • Roban - A ready-to-use wax block for rodent control. Harmless to humans and pets
    • Trubble Gum - A safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly glue-based rat and mouse trap
    • PestSeal - An effective, ready-to-use liquid formulation against all flying and crawling insects
    • PestSeal Aerosol - Special formulation targeted to all flying and crawling insects, in a spray can for home use
    • TermiSeal - Read-to-use formulation against Termites and other wood-boring pests
    • BirdPro Solutions - Spikes, strips, nets & wires - customized, human products to help keep birds off your property
    • Pest-O-Flash - India's first electrical flying insect control system
    • Spider - Silent, safe & hygienic glue-based electric fly and flying insect catcher
    • Illumé - Aesthetic, silent, safe & hygienic glue-based electronic fly and flying insect trap
    • Sterilising Equipment - PCI offers Ethylene Oxide & Plasma Sterilisation products in various sizes
    • Medixair - A first in India, PCI offers quiet, high-quality air sterilisers for Hospitals, offices, etc
    • Plasma Sterilisers - New age Humanmeditek Plasma Sterilisation machines provided by PCI
    • Thermal Foggers - IGEBA© Foggers provided by PCI
    • Mesto Sprayers - High-quality aerosol generating sprayers in many sizes for different uses, available
    • GrainPro - Organic storage systems
  • Biological Control Products
    • Beneficial Fungi (Antagonistic Fungi)
      • Myco-Jaal - Beneficial fungi (Beauveria bassiana) that have been harnessed to naturally control the Diamond-Back Moth (Plutella xylostella). Can be used against Aphids and Mites.
      • Niprot - Beneficial fungi (Trichoderma Viride) used to control of soil-borne diseases that attack plant roots, such as rhizome, foot rot, root rot, etc.
    • Beneficial Bacteria (Antagonistic Bacteria)
      • Su-Mona - Special formulation designed to tackle soil-borne pathogens affecting horticultural crops.
    • Beneficial Viruses
      • Heli-Cide - Species-specific concoction of the nuclear-polyhedrosis virus (NPV) to protect crops from the American Bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera) pest.
      • Spodo-Cide - Species-specific concoction of the nuclear-polyhedrosis virus (NPV) to protect crops from the Tobacco Caterpillar (Spodoptera litura) pest.
    • Botanicals
      • Neem Baan - Neem-based pesticide effective against more than 300 species of pests.
    • Organic Salts
      • Lastraw - Specially formulated concoction for control of all soft-bodied sucking pests such as mealy bugs, thrips, white flies, mites, aphids, scale insects & plant hoppers.
    • Pheromone Lures and Traps
      • Pheromone Lures & Traps - An array of insect pheromone lures and traps are available through PCI.

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Joint Ventures & Affiliations :
  • PCI Environmental Services - PCI Environmental Services is a joint venture with the OCS Group, UK, to provide a range of housekeeping, cleaning, washroom, feminine hygiene & biomedical waste disposal and support services
  • Alpha PCI Pest Management Ltd. - Provides high quality, professional pest management services in Mauritius through PCI's standard operating guidelines and the latest products and techniques
  • Green Grower - Green Grower is a plant lovers paradise. The plants we supply are a reflection of our caring and commitment. We not only supply plants but also provide expert advice on plant care and detailed instructions on any plant problems

Awards :
  • 2010: ABCI Award - PCI wins the Bronze Prize in the Internal Magazine Category during the 50th anniversary celebration, for our periodical called "Antenna"
  • 2007: National Award for Excellence in Research & Development Efforts in the Agro & Food Processing Industry Category, given by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India
  • 1993: National Award for Excellence in Research and Development Efforts in the Industry in the Agro-Industry Category, given by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India
  • 1983: Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Fair Business Practices
  • 1978: Assocham Award from the Association of Chambers of Commerce for Rural Development and Agricultural Activities


Registered Office:
36, Yusuf Building
P. O. Box 1510
Mumbai - 400 001

PCI Customer Care Helpline No for Pune:
(020) 2448 2756
(9:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday to Saturday)

PCI Customer Care Helpline No for other cities all over India:
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