ABOUT Punarvasu Chikitsalaya

Punarvasu Chikitsalaya is an Ayurvedic Chikitsalaya run by Bramha Ayurveda Services Pvt Ltd. It is an Ayurvedic Hospital running successfully for the last 17 years providing only pure Ayurvedic treatments.
We are working in the field of Ayurveda in all aspects. It is our aim to establish it in its due place as the mainstream Health Care system of the society. Punarvasu Chikitsalaya in Model colony has Indoor and Critical Care unit with OPD and Panchakarma facility. Patients are admitted either with pre-determined procedures of Panchakarma or even emergencies and acute conditions for observation and management by complete Ayurvedic treatment.
The Vaidyas at Punarvasu Chikitsalaya are striving to deliver the best possible treatment through Ayurveda for the benefit of the patients. In order to accommodate growing number of patients across the city we have clinics at two more locations which includes OPD, Panchkarma and day care facilities.

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Services Offered by Punarvasu Chikitsalaya

  • • Punarvasu Chikitsalaya is a registered hospital of purely Ayurvedic treatment.

  • • Ayurvedic treatment on the basis of Ayurvedic diagnosis.

  • • Classical Ayurvedic treatment with scientific Panchakarma therapies.

  • • Punarvasu Chikitsalaya is spacious and well equipped Chikitsalaya.

  • • It is located in a very serene locality.

  • • We have specially trained and caring staff.

  • • Punarvasu Chikitsalaya is a collective effort of a group of experienced and knowledgeable Vaidyas.