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Our Products
Lab Instruments

AC Stirrers
These Stirrers are specially designed brushless AC variable speed stirrers driven by frequency inverter to ensure reproducible speed with any load.

Quick Freezers
Deals in Quick Freezers11 from Pune, Maharashtra.

Rotospin - Test Tube Rotator
Provides mixing for diffusion, dialysing, extraction etc. * Rotation can be set from 5-50 RPM * Timer can be set from 0-99 hrs / 1-59 minutes * Rotating disks for tube dia from 10-30 mm * Plastic coated spring clips * Angle of rotation adjustable from horizontal for minimal mixing to vertical for full end over end mixing.

Autoclave (Vertical)
Autoclaves that are used in various applications pertaining to the sterilization of steam. Vertical Autoclaves are appreciated for their durability and superior performance.

Hot Plate (Round)
Body made of thick M.S./S.S. Top Plate over hangs by supporting of ceramic beeds which ensures air insulation between plate and base unit.

Revolutionary Micro Centrifuges
R-23 & R 24 centrifuges are widely used in auxiliary laboratories in industry.

Rolymax is designed to provide continuous rolling and rocking motion to the samples at a fixed speed. The Mixer is designed for uniform mixing of medical laboratory tests of blood, hematological determinations and other cell suspension samples. In addition it prevents sedimentation in samples such as dyes, paints, oils and cosmetics etc.

Cooling Incubators
Cooling Incubators find applications in pharmaceutical, bio technology and research institutions for storage and incubation studies.

Heating Mantle
Body of the Mantle made of spun joint less Aluminum. Heating element knitted fiber glass netting properly insulted.

Electric Bunsen Burner
This apparatus consists of heating element. It is in conically shaped refractory crucible.


The right balance between Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals as well as innovation and tradition – that's what is Merck. To browse hundreds of Merck products, download our online catalog.

Chem Supply
Analytical Reagents [AR] * Guaranteed Reagents [GR] * ExcelAR * Laboratory Reagents [LR] * Special Quality [SQ].

Market leaders since more than 40 years for analytical reagents and fine chemicals in India and abroad. To browse hundreds of Loba Chemie products, download our online catalog.

Laboratory Plasticware

Tarsons is a leader in India in the production and supply of laboratory plasticware for use within Molecular Biology, Cell Culture, Genomics, Proteomics and Immunology.

Polylab has a high end & economical range of Laboratory Plasticware products with a long history of high quality and style. Using the best quality raw material and our Research and Development done on production techniques and processes Polylab offers you a best and a user friendly product at better price.

Rubber Goods

Kapsons Rubber items which must have for all labs including RB flask stand, Protection guard for glasswares, Teflon stopper/sleeves, Filtration adapters and many more.

Filter Papers

Whatman filter papers are world-renowned as the standard for laboratory filtration and are associated with quality, reliability, and customer service.

Providing filtration separation and purification solutions for your fluid management needs.


Borosil / Riviera
Borosil range of Laboratory Ware includes almost all items required in general lab usage. Their expertise in melting and forming low expansion, chemically inert borosilicate glass for over 50 years has made our products preferred globally.

Fisher Scientifics
High-quality glassware and supplies designed to perform flawlessly in demanding laboratory environments. Put your trust in proven products developed by industry experts for performance, usability and cost effectiveness.