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 About S.G Kaigaonkar Jewellers :

SG Kaigaonkar Jewellers established way back in 1938. Our founder, Shivrampant Kaigaonkar started with a small gold and silver shop but built a rock solid structure for jeweller manufacturing and retailing empire in Ahmednagar. Today his legacy is carried over by his grandson Sagar and the family has also expanded in Mumbai, Goa and USA under the brand of Chintamani Jewellers.

SG Kaigaonkar has not only build an empire by selling gold but also providing the best quality and trustworthiness among its patrons. Ahmednagar has long served SG Kaigaonkar with customers who visit us each time the word ‘jewellery’, ‘gold’ or ‘silver’ rings in their mind. Such has been the response to our products that even the fourth generations prefer SG Kaigaonkar. With a warm smile, rock solid trust and quality products, SG Kaigaonkar Jewellers welcomes all of its patrons.

 Jewellery Collection at S.G Kaigaonkar Jewellers :
      • Body Jewellery
      • Bracelet
      • Earrings
      • Necklace
      • Pendals
      • Naval Rings
      • Jewellery Sets
      • Wedding Rings
      • Accessories Men’s Jewellery
 Contact Us :


Opp. Dominos Pizza,
Ahmednagar- Manmad Road,
Savedi, Ahmednagar- 414003.

Sagar Kaigaonkar
+91 241 2341335
+91 9511902345

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