Established in 1996, SAVIK is one of the well known manufacturers for Solid State Relays, Thyristorised Heater/ Power Controllers, Zero Cross Drivers For Thyristors, Voltage Preventers, Snubbers, Alarm Announciator For Cold Room, Automatic Water Level Controller, Intensity Controllers, Home Protector and Custom Built Products. We believe in premium quality and durability and thus our equipments endure healthy working conditions. We have well experienced and highly qualified designing and manufacturing team which results in providing technologically advanced equipment as per esteemed customer demands. We remain committed with best timely service and competitive pricing to maintain life-long relations with our customers.

Our Salient Features:
• Impressive reputation for developing efficient and quality products
• Guarantees the best possible solutions to customers' requirements
• Expert in providing custom build products
• Always ready to turn your innovative ideas in reality
• Provided products to reputed R&D centers and educations societies like National Chemical Laboratory (NCL-Pune), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Delhi), College of Engineering - Pune (COEP) and many more
• We value our commitments to customers, which reciprocates in building customers' trust.
• Installed 90kW Thyristor Heater Controller in 1999 and still working satisfactory
• Installed more than 3000 Voltage Preventers


We offer the following products to be used in various industries:
Solid State Relay:
• 250V AC Solid State Relay
• 330V AC Solid State Relay
• 230V AC Solid State Relay

Thyristor Power Controller:
• Three Phase Thyristor Power Controller
• Single Phase Thyristor Power Controller
• Electric Thyristor Power Controller
• Thyristor Power Controller

Channel Relay Interface Card:
• Channel Relay Interface Card
• 8 Channel Relay Interface Card

Voltage Preventer

Automatic Water Level Controller

Cold Room Alarm System:
• Cold Room Annunciator
• Cold Room Safety Alarm
• Emergency Alarm Annunciator

Control Panel
PID Controllers
Intensity Controllers
Thyristor Zero Cross Driver
Home Protector
Automatic Liquid Volume Dispenser