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    About Sharp Engineering :

Sharp Engineering was inaugurated in 1980 to use new technology to manufacture and export a wide range of Process Equipments and its components. Now it has become a recognized name in the sphere of Environmental Engineering, as a manufacturer and supplier of different Water Treatment Equipment, Effluent Treatment Equipment, Waste Water Treatment Equipment, and Sewage Treatment Equipment.

We believe in achieving complete customer satisfaction through our endeavours to fabricate products as per the Industrial requirements of the customer. Our Personnel work in close coordination with the clients to understand their specifications and deliver accordingly. Our product range includes:
  • Oil Filtration/Dehydration Machines
  • Process Equipments
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment Equipments
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Industrial Equipments
  • Custom Built Equipments
  • Blenders & Heavy Fabrication 
   Products Offered by Sharp Engineering:
A) Water Treatment Equipment:

Water Softeners
Water Softeners:

We supply a variety of Water Softeners to remove the hardness of water.
Our high quality resins give a good transfer rate. This resin will remove Calcium and Magnesium from water. Softeners are designed according to the raw water characteristics and outlet quality of water.
Activated Carbon Filter:
We supply different types of carbon filters used for removing color & odor that are present in raw water.
These filters are easy to operate. We provide wide range of Carbon Filters as per the design requirement.
Activated Carbon Filter
Pressure Sand Filter Pressure Sand Filter:

We supply different types of Pressure Sand Filters used for removing turbidity, suspend particles, color that are present in raw water with minimum pressure drop.
Our Sand Filters are easy to operate. We provide wide range of Sand Filters as per the design requirement

B) Effluent Treatment Equipment:


Clarifier Mechanisms are designed for operation in Circular Clarifier Tanks.
These are available in two different models like Central driven and Peripheral driven.
High Rate solid Contact clarifiers High Rate Solid Contact Clarifiers:

HRCC is mostly used in applications wherein a large variation in the inlet conditions has to be tolerated by the system. HRCC produces an Effluent of the highest quality in minimum time and space and using a minimum amount of chemicals.

Clariflocculators are generally used instead of separate flocculation and clarification. This results into economical and faster installation of primary treatment.
Lamella Clarifier:

Lamella Clarifier is a compact, inclined type of clarifier. The main advantage of Lamella Clarifier is its compact size compared to conventional clarifier. It is used for clarification of water, waste water and liquid having suspended and colloidal particles.
Lamella Clarifier
Tube Settler:

Like Lamella Clarifier, Tube Settlers use multiple tubular channels sloped at an angle of 50 Degrees to 60 Degrees and adjacent to each other, which combine to form an increased effective settling area.
Tube settler
Surface Aerators:

We manufacture slow speed surface aerators ranging from 1 HP to 40 HP
Surface aerators
Oil Skimmers:

Oil skimmers are pieces of equipment that remove oil floating on the surface of a fluid
Oil Skimmers
Agitator Agitators:

We are a leading manufacturer of various types of Industrial agitators/ Flash mixers that are used for different applications
Flocculators Flocculators:

Flocculator provides gentle agitation by slow moving paddles. This action serves to break up the mass rotation of liquid and promote mixing.
Bar Screen`
Bar Screen:

Other Industrial Equipments:

Heat Exchanger
Oil Filtration/Dehydration Unit
Special Purpose Machines
Custom Built Equipment
Tilting Fixture
Movable Trolly 20 Ton Capacity
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