Shinde Scale Co.

Manufacturers of Electronic & Mechanical Weighing Scales
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Shinde Scale Co., Shukrawar Peth Road, Pune
 About Shinde Scale Co.:

Shinde Scale Co. is the leading Manufacturer of Electronic & Mechanical Weighing Scales. We manufacture Equipments Systems Featuring Weighing Measurement and Automation Technology for industries, labs and different platforms. We are leading Technology Provider covering the Industrial and Medical Sector..

Electronic Weighing Scales have the following series like WT Series, WTD Series, WTC Series, WT-PC Series, WT-CT Series, WTG Series, WT Baby Scale, WTB Series, WP Series, WPH Series, PB Coin, MW Series, H.S, SS-H.S and CK Series which are used as grocery weighing scales, postage parcels electronic weighing scales, departmental stores weighing scales, weighing scales for gold and silver, electronic weighing scale for new born babies and weighing scales for dairy.

Our company is globally recognized for the best product quality and excellent sales and service.
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