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   About Shreepad Industries :

Shreepad Industries was established in 1964 after two years of determined endurance of our Director Mr. M. G. Dharmadhikari which began in 1962 for the production of Inspection Tools. Our first tool to be introduced, after great efforts, is “Universal Surface Guage-12 Inch Model”, a concretized form of our hard work and constant efforts. This was our first import substitute tool on the lines of makes from the Great Britain and Germany and other countries. In 1965, we delivered our first MAGNETIC BASE CAT. NO. SRD - 101 in India.

In the following years, we developed a vast range of Dial Holding Stands, Viz. Magnetic Base. Later, The Company engaged itself in developing Magnetic Vee Blocks and Hardened Vee Blocks and succeeded in achieving quality product. After 1978, we have successfully exported our products to various countries like the U. K., U. S. A., Italy, Switzerland, etc. by maintaining wonderful quality range. We are indeed glad to say that we are exporting our range of Magnetic and other tools to these countries without any rejection. This shows how genuine are our products and how successful we are in this business. 

We assure our end users, that we always take extra efforts to deliver you the best quality products possible. Our insistence in prompt delivery and consistency in quality products assure our customers a life long service of these tools. In a span of 35 years, Shreepad Industries has emerged as a front runner in dealing of high quality Magnetic Engineering & Precision Tools and is continuing to be the best in this meadow. It gives us great pleasure to present ourselves through this website which gives you complete information about our company.

Our Major Clients:
  • Cummins
  • Kirloskar
  • Bajaj
  • Tata
  Products Offered by Shreepad Industries:
  • Universal Surface Gauge

Universal Surface Gauge has many desirable features and is designed for wide range of uses, which are supplied in four sizes. The base is made from case hardened steel, ground on bottom and at one end. The Fine adjustment feature makes it possible to obtain quick and accurate settings.

  • Extra Heavy Duty Surface Gauge

These very heavy and robust stands are used whenever the highest measuring accuracy and an optimum rigidity is demanded. The extremely sturdy columns with the rigid base guarantee highest rigidity. This ensures simple and rapid setting of the stand and clamps and scriber in any position even at moderate tightening.

  • Dial Indicator Stand

This tool is useful for testing spindle run out of machine tools, lathe work etc. It is well adapted for inspection of the parallelism of surfaces.

  • Small Magnetic Base

Small bodied square in shape magnetic base with a “ V “ which permits use on round or flat therefore can easily be mounted on machine tools or work surfaces, with greater magnetic pull and quickly released by a simple leverage

  • Magnetic Vice KM

The "Kumaun" Magnetic Vice ensures a distortion free use. This Vice assures the square holding of the component and thus the set up time is minimized.

  • Magnetic Holder

“KUMAUN“Magnetic Holder has instant grip at the turn of a handle.  It is effective in securing iron and steel sheets, bars or tubes on machines bet or any other flat ferrous base. This can be used in tool room, shop floor, inspection department, assembly shop and has unlimited applications in welding shop.

  • Electro –Pre Magnetic Lifter

These lifters does not require any external electric supply so no hanging wires and switches. The field of the permanent magnet is controlled by the "ON - OFF" position of the safety handle. There is no danger of accident due to failure of electric supply.

  • Precision Grinding Vice

For high accuracy light machining, grinding, inspection or making out of precision components. Vice can be used, standing on its base, sides, end or top.

  • Magnetic Sine Table

Used for Precision measurement, setting of angles & Light machining Accuracy for Squareness, Flatness & Parallelism.

  • Sine Vice

Used for Precision measurement, setting of angles, Right angle grinding & light machining. Made from high quality alloy steel.

  • Demagnetizer

Coil type demagnetizer is designed to operate on alternative current to demagnetize a work-piece. Just pass through the coil and remove it from the field of the demagnetizer. Care should be taken to assure that work-piece is well away from the demagnetizer before the magnetizer is switched OFF. KUMAUN type demagnetizer is very useful for rods, bars, small jobs, etc.

  • Permanent Magnetic Chuck

This permanent magnetic chuck guarantees outstanding performance and reliability. The rigid assembly of these chucks results in accurate grinding and milling. The selected pole spacing ensures the maximum possible grip on a wide section of work-pieces.


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