Sourya Kumbhare

 About Sourya Kumbhare :

Step into the world of Green. Now do not use electricity for your house-hold or commercial purposes. Confidently switch over to Solar Energy and save on your electricity bills and save the electricity for the nation and intern the pollution.

We offer smallest systems to megawatt power needed systems. These are available at very affordable prices, the price which is much less than conventional system.

Use our Sourya as Direct Energy Converter and Emergency Light as it’s all automatic with ‘Fit it & Forget it’ technique and can be placed in a small space due to patented panel arrangement and works efficiently, utilising each watt produced, in all seasons due to its patented circuit.

Sourya is very useful in the areas where massive load shading takes place which ruins your business and house-hold work and it is very much cheaper than Diesel and/or Petrol Generators.

Sourya Kumbhare