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Sri Veda Agencies
Distrubutors in Aqua Submersible Pumps

+91- 9246285035

Sri Veda Agencies, Ranigunj, Secunderabad

 About Sri Veda Agencies:

The submersible pumps are multistage Centrifugal pumps operating in a vertical position. The pump shaft is connected to the gas separator or the protector by a mechanical coupling at the bottom of the pump.
When fluids enter the pump through an intake screen and are lifted by the pump stages. Sri Veda Agencies started its business in 2010 as the distributors in Aqua Submersible pumps in Secunderabad.

  Services Provided by Sri Veda Agencies :

Aqua Submersible pumps are used in oil production to provide a relatively efficient form of "artificial lift", able to operate across a broad range of flow rates and depths.By decreasing the pressure at the bottom of the well (by lowering bottom hole flowing pressure, or increasing drawdown), significantly more oil can be produced from the well when compared with natural production. The pumps are typically electrically powered and referred to as Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP).

Other parts include the radial bearings (bushings) distributed along the length of the shaft providing radial support to the pump shaft turning at high rotational speeds. An optional thrust bearing takes up part of the axial forces arising in the pump but most of those forces are absorbed by the protector’s thrust bearing.

 Contact Us :

Sri Veda Agencies

Old Ghashmandi,
CRI line,

Mr P Srinivasulu
+91- 9246285035/9440145033
Monday to Saturday
10:00 AM to 07:00 PM

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