Sun Impex is the today’s leading Import-Export house of an international segment. We are highly focused to deliver your valuables at a right place on a right time giving you a precise Quality Mark.

Our company is driven by highly experienced minds and hence our operations are always proven to deliver the best quality products and services. SUN IMPEX is run by the professional & expert professionals who play their roles with 100% responsibility. Hence the company operates with all set Standard Operating Procedures, Quality Management Complying Norms & delivering Quality Products.



Within a last decade we have developed a huge network of manufacturer, wholesalers & distributors who require mass units of Quality products from the overseas companies and on the similar side those companies on the other side completely rely to get best value for their 100% original & quality products.


Our vast network of suppliers means that we can source high-quality products from many regions across the globe, delivering in a timely manner and at competitive prices. We source & deliver the Best out of Best!

Some products we export are-
1. Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA)
2. Sugar cane Molasses based ENA 96.4% (Extra Neutral Alcohol)
3. Rectified spirits @ min 94% v/v
4. SDS-Special Denatured spirit
5. Grain Based ENA
6. Corn Based ENA
7. Ethanol Alcohol Food Grade
8. Ethyl Alcohol
9. ISO tank container


SUN IMPEX is one of the most promising ‘n’ reliable importer, exporter & distributor of the said listed products and have proven excellent service track record because of our Standard Operating Procedures.

Some services we provide are-
1. Product Feasibility
2. Product Sourcing
3. Quality Control
4. Warehousing
5. Logistics
6. Custom Clearance
7. Supplier/Exporter/Seller of ENA
8. Managing of export