Taware Construction Co Private Limited , Pune Satara Road, Pune

 About Us :

The journey of Tavare Group started 37 years ago, with a vision of our founder member Shri D.S Tavare for quality construction and ethical business practices. These principles of business ethics soared the company to greater heights of client satisfaction. Clients, we served decades ago, still stop-by to say a polite ‘Hello’ or seek professional advice. This love from our client community is what we believe is the ‘True Wealth’ of our company.

The Tavare Construction Group is now truly a fusion between tradition and cutting edge technology of the modern age. We have successfully preserved the principles of Quality Assurance on which our company’s foundation was established and now we are giving the company the added boast of modern day construction practices.

As years, have rolled by the wheels of Tavare Construction Group have taken the route of Green Building Construction. Our focus is now to ensure we give maximum comfort to our clients, without disturbing the balance with Mother Nature. New, eco-friendly building practices are now finding its way into the construction manual of our company.

We believe, our philosophy has just expanded, not changed. We continue to adhere to our mission statement of Quality First with our new focus ensuring sustainable edge is given to each and every home we build. We are now committed to building what we call as a Smart Home for you.