Thermax Limited
Corporate Office:

Thermax House, 14, Mumbai-Pune Road,
Pune - 411003, Maharastra,India.
Phone                : +91-20-6605 1200, 2554 2122
Fax                    : +91-20-2554 2242
Contact Person  : Mr Sunil N Lalai
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Boiler Mfrs
Solar Energy EQPT & Systems
Steam Boilers
Air Pollution Control Devices & Purification Plants
Business type : Manufacturer
In Business Since : 1978 

   Thermax Ltd. is an INR 3,246 crore (USD 800 million) company, providing a range of engineering solutions to the energy and environment sectors. They are headquartered in Pune, India and operate globally through 19 International offices, 12 Sales & Service offices and 4 Manufacturing facilities - three of which are in India and one in China. Its presence spans 75 countries across Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, CIS countries, Europe, USA and South America.

Products :
  • Boilers:
    • Waste Heat Recovery System
    • Municipal Waste Boiler
    • Large Industrial Boilers
    • Hot Water Generators
    • Packaged Boilers
    • Solar Based Heating
  • Heater
    • Fired Heaters
    • Thermal Oil Heaters
  • Steam Accessories
    • Condensate Recovery System
    • Steam Traps
    • Pre Fabricated Modules
    • Pressure Reducing Stations
    • Pressure Reducing & Desuper Heating System
    • Valves
    • Steam Line Mountings
    • Boiler House Products & Monitoring Equipments
  • Vapour Absorption Systems
    • Vapour Absorption Chillers
    • Heat Pumps
    • Solar Based Cooling
  • EPC Power Plants
  • Chemicals
    • Performance Chemicals
    • Specialty Indl Applications
    • Ion Exchange Resins
    • Oilfield Chemicals
  • Water & Waste Management
    • Water Treatment
    • Effluent Treatment & Recycling
    • Sewage Treatment & Recycling
    • Incinerator
  • Dust Collectors
  • Bag Filters
  • Electrostatic Precipitators

Services & Solutions :
  • Energy Services:
    • Thermax offers Energy consultancy services for green field projects or for reengineering existing plants.
    • The services cover the following utilities - boiler house and steam distribution system; thermal oil systems; chilled water and compressed air systems.
  • Specialized Service Solutions
    • Condition Assessment & Remaining Life Analysis is a Life Extension Program of a pressure vessel / equipment as it follows a scientific methodology to identify any flaws in it & suggesting the preventive & remedial action for correcting the same.
    • Diagnotherm is a comprehensive health check up services to ensure efficient & healthy operation of boilers & heaters.
    • Maintenance & Overhauling services: ServicePlus is a special service package offered by Thermax for the upkeepment of utility equipments such as boilers / heaters to get the consistent output at desired efficiency.
    • HAZOP Safety study : iServe is a structured and systematic examination of boiler and heater processes or operations, to identify and evaluate problems
    • Recommissioning & Repair services: SmartServe is a specialized service provided for re-commissioning, pressure part repair, and efficiency performance trials for boilers & heaters.
  • Retrofit & Revamp
    • Boiler Automation
    • Solid Fuel Conversion: Fuel shift from present oil firing to solid fuel becomes inevitable owing to the raise in fuel cost.
    • Oil & Gas Conversion: Thermax has complete range of energy efficient burners, covering all aspects of combustion control and monitoring, from OILON of Finland, one of world's leading innovative and customer centric burner manufacturers.
    • Upgrades
    • Waste Heat Recovery System
    • Customized Solutions
  • Operation & Maintenance
    • Packaged Boilers & Peripherals: single window services for Steam boilers, Thermal oil heaters, Hot water Generators, water treatment plants, Electrical System and other major utilities in the plant.
    • Power Plant: Operation & Maintenance: To provide reliable power at the most competitive lifetime cost per Megawatt, offer comprehensive operation and maintenance services for power plants, through manpower and proprietary processes.
    • Water Treatment For Utility Application : Thermax, backed by its expertise in boiler operations, offers efficient and cost-effective water treatment solutions for boiler feed and cooling tower applications
  • Spares
  • Plant Management Services
  • Turnkey Project Execution

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Business Areas :
  • Boilers
  • Heaters
  • Absorption Cooling
  • Chemicals
  • Water Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment & Recycling
  • Power Generation
  • Air Pollution Control

Technology Partnerships :

    Over the years, Thermax has formed technology partnerships with global majors, including: Babcock & Wilcox (USA), Kawasaki Thermal Engineering (Japan), Balcke Durr (Germany), Eco-Tech (Canada) and Georgia Pacific (USA).

Registered Office :
D-13, MIDC Industrial Area R D Aga Road, Chinchwad, Pune 411019
Tel.No     : +91-20-6612 2100 / 2747 5941-42
Fax          : +91-20-2747 2049
Contact Person : Mr Akkshay Mathhur
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