Universal Kids Preschool goal is to provide a carefully resource learning environment designed to stimulate learning & development of young children. We propose an innovative direction in childhood education. The scenario of education in the world and in India is changing rapidly. The knowledge based education system, would not be able to fulfill the requirements of the 21st century students. It encourages a positive attitude towards learning, encouraging students to ask challenging question, to critically reflect, to learn and participate in communal services. We offer you unique opportunity to be part of these delightful years and witness the transformation of kids into young & confident children ready to make a mark for themselves. Education system of Universal kids is focused on child's happiness, therefore we promote learning in joyful atmosphere, developing self study skills, self discipline and self reliance approach. In this school we encourage inborn talent or potential of the child, also effective use of various educational aids for easy learning. Let us join our hands together for the development of child, which is the bright future of tomorrow.

Our Skills:
• Understanding information and communication
• Creativity
• Different thinking (Practical Thinking)
• Language and literacy skills
• Personal and social development







   Hand Writing  

  Musical Education  

  Field Trips  

  Craft Exhibition  

  Medical Checkup   



Branch 1 - Chandan Nagar Branch:
Datttaparasad Society,
Near Water Tank,
In front of Dwaraka Gardan,
Chandan Nagar,
Contact: 020-65105088

Branch 2 - Dhanori Branch:
Lane No.10,
Maharana Pratap Chouk,
Dhanori, Pune
Contact: 020-65105008

Branch 3 - Perne Phata Branch:
Universal School,
Perne Phata,
Taluka Haweli,
Dist. Pune,
Contact: 020-65105005

Branch 4 – Shivne Branch:
Engle Colony,
In front of Rajarshi Shahu Bank,
Engle Complex, Deshmukh Wadi,
Shivne, Pune
Contact: 020-65105020

Neeta Rajeshirke / Dattatray Rajeshirke
+91-8237904343 / 9960936367
IST 08.00 AM to 03.00 PM
Monday to Saturday (Sunday Closed)

Location map