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Vijay Air Control
No C - 34, 35,
1st Floor,
Sanghavi Steel Compund,
128/3, Mohannagar,
Contact Person : Mr. Vijay Mehta [Managing Director]
Phone               : +91-20- 27464860, 32507458
Fax                   : +91- 20- 27464858
Email                : saivac@sify.com
Email                : www.vacpneumatic.com

Business Category  :

Pneumatic Machine Tools and Accessories
Valves and Cocks
Business Since : 2001
Business Type : Manufacturer

About Us:

    Manufacturer of fine pneumatic products, Polyurethene / Nylon Tubings & Coiled Hoses, One/Two Touch Push-In Instant Fittings, Air Control Units, Mechanical & Solenoid Valves, Air Cylinders, Quick Release Couplings, Spring Balancers, Air Hose Reels, Ball Valves, Air Silencers, Quick Release Couplers. Our Products are technologically and functionally advanced. Our commitment to quality, customer service and local support combined with the reliability and performance of our products. We offer the best solutions to meet your individual requirements. We continuously strive to improve our products, services & technology in line with your expectations,

Products :

  • Push - In One Touch Fittings Series 3600 / 6300
    • The Push-In One Touch Fittings series pneumatic piping joints excelling in quick fitting, accurate jointing and compact design are suited to the pneumatic systems necessary for automation and labour saving. The tube can be fitted and detached easily so that workability is remarkably improved. Pressure loss is reduced. A large volume of compressed air can be fed with least pressure loss without air leak. Moreover, the joints have a compact design. Thus, the joints will satisfy strict user's demands.
  • Two Touch Fittings
  • Polyurethane
    • Polyurethane Tubings PU
    • Polyurethane Re-Coiled Hoses PUCH
    • Polyurethane Cord - Rough (Endless Belt) - Green Color PUC-R
    • Polyurethane Cord - Smooth (Endless Belt) - Orange Color PUC-S
  • Nylon Tubings NY
    • Nylon Tubings (Semi-Flexible - PA-6) NY6
    • Nylon Tubings (Semi-Flexible - PA-12) NY12
    • Nylon Re-Coiled Hoses (Semi-Flexible - PA-6) NYCH6
    • Chemical Resistance of Polyurethane (PU) & Nylon Tubing
    • Blow Gun Set consisting of PU Coil Hose & ABG-100 Plastic Gun
    • Blow Gun Set consisting of PU Coil Hose & DA-107L Dong-A Korea Brand Aluminum Air Gun
    • Blow Gun Set consisting of PU Coil Hose & TD-30H Joplax, Japan Brand Plastic Air Gun with unique Flow Control Type (Output)
    • Plastic Air Gun
    • Metallic Air Gun
    • Tube Cutter
  • Air Control Units (FRL's)
    • Air Control Unit / Two-in-One AC
    • Air Filter Regulator (AW)
    • Air Filter (AF)
    • Air Regulator (AR)
    • Air Lubricator (AL)
    • Micro Filter EFF
    • Mist Separator EMF
  • Mechanical & Solenoid Valves
  • Air Cylinders
    • Air Cylinder VNU Series as per ISO 6431 - Non-Tie Rod Type Cylinder
    • Air Cylinder VGS Series - Round Profile Aluminum Cylinder
    • Reed Switch for VNU & VGS Series Cylinders
    • Air Cylinder VDVU Series - Compact Cylinder
  • Quick Release Couplings
  • Spring Balancers
    • VAC Spring Balancers
    • Sleek Body Sheet Metal Spring Balancer VSM
    • Closed Body Sheet Metal Spring Balancer VCB
    • Heavy Duty High Capacity Spring Balancer VEW
  • Air Hose Reels
    • Air Hose Reel VAHR
    • VAC Oil / Grease / Water Hose Reel VOHR

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Brands :
  • Toyox - Japan
    • Toyox from Japan offers specialized High Performance PVC Hoses for various industrial applications like -
      • Multipurpose Hoses - For Water, Oil, Chemical, Powder, Air
      • Vacuum Hoses
      • Food Grade Hoses
      • Pneumatic Hoses
      • Cooling Water Hose
      • Plastic Powder Hose - Anti Static
      • Water Hose
      • Steam Hose
      • Paint Hose
      • Hose Clamps
  • Joplax - Japan
    • JOPLAX in Japan is a professional manufacturer of Quick Release Couplings in Plastic Body suitable for automobile final assembly line to avoid damages caused by metal body quick release couplings resulting in rework of auto body and losses.

  • Branch Address :
    Bangalore Office:
    M/s. Vijay Air Control
    No. 44/A, 59th "A" Cross, 4th N Block,
    Bangalore - 560 010 Karnataka, India
    Tel: +91-80-23120871, 23121136
    Fax: +91-80- 23128871
    E-mail: saivacblr@sify.com

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