The Foundation stone of the Vinayak hospital was laid in 2006 by Dr. Prafulla Tamaskar. Our Endeavour is to help people to be healthy. We strive to provide the best and same quality of healthcare services to all our patients. The Proprietors of hospital are Dr. Prafulla Tamaskar and Dr. Kavita Tamaskar. They both have more than 10 years of experience in their respective fields of specialization. Other consultants available at the hospital also have vast experience in their respective fields.

Vinayak Hospital comes with 25 beds and more than 10 doctors in the panel so that each and every patient will get good care and attention during treatment.

There are various types of wards available in our hospital. All modern facilities and sophisticated medical equipments are available with the objective of providing comprehensive healthcare under one roof. Our hospital is manned by highly trained, dynamic and accomplished team of medical and Para-medical professionals, and other healthcare professionals.

Diagnostic Facilities:-

Laboratory Services

Vinayak Hospital provides laboratory testing for the diagnosis and treatment of common and rare diseases. The laboratory is directed by a team of professionals, including medical directors, pathologists, PhDs and medical technologists. Vinayak Hospital

Imaging Facilities

Vinayak Hospital also provides imaging services .Our imaging equipment includes MRI, PET-CT, and CT Scans that allow us to record your health, diagnose the problem and plan medical treatment with you. Vinayak Hospital

Health Checkup Facilities:

"Prevention Is Better Than Cure". This is where Vinayak hospital comes into the picture by recognizing the importance and need for preventive health care.

Health Checkup facilities offered by us are comprehensive check up that screens each organ closely to detect even the smallest symptoms that could be an indication of a major disease. In addition, the check also identifies the reason for minor ailments, which are constant irritants. It also serves as a personal medical record for future reference. We provide various schemes for Health checkups.

> EHS (Executive Health Scheme)
> Antenatal Card
> Family Card
> Senior Citizen Card
> Cashless facilities available for major Insurance companies and we also accept Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna Smart Card.

Cashless facility is available for the following-
> ICICI Lombard Health Insurance
> Medi Assist
> TTK Health Card
> Focus Health
> Ayushya Health Care
> Star Health
> Safeway


Vinayak Hospital provides services especially for all types of Cancers, Laproscopic Surgeries and Endoscopic Surgeries. We are the only Dedicated Laproscopic Centre in Western Pune.


In Vinayak Hospital we offer Cancer treatments starting from Surgery to Chemotherapy.

The Surgical oncology is looked after by Dr. Prafulla Tamaskar. We perform all Gastro Interstitial Cancer Surgery,
> Breast Cancer surgery
> Thyroid cancer Surgery
> Large Intestinal cancers surgery
> Oral and head neck cancer


We are pioneer in Minimal Access Surgery, so the endoscopic treatment at Vinayak Hospital offers:
- Removal of Foreign body from esophagus and stomach.
- Dilation of structures (narrowing) in esophagus.
- Excision of Polyps.
- Removal of CBD stone etc.
- ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography)


Minimal Access Surgery has new Dimension as Laparoscopy We offer Laparoscopic Surgery of :

- Gall bladder and Common Bile Duct Store.
- Appendix.
- Hiatus Hernia.
- Inguinal Hernia and Incision Hernias.
- Abdominal remarks and concerns.
- Hysterectomy i.e. Removal of uterus.
- Cancers of large Boned.
- Endoscopic removal of Thyroid Cancer.
- Removal of ovarian tumours and gynaecological cancers


We offer:

Diagnostic Laparoscopy.
Removal Of Tubal Blockage.
Intrauterine Polyp Removal.
Coronal Sterling.
Fimbrial Aversion.
IUI Intrauterine Insemination.
AIS Artificial Insemination Of Sperm.