Established in 1980, Vishwas Engineering Works has been providing customers with quality products for targeted applications. Catering in 2 segments primarily: Motors and Electronic Motors, Vishwas Engineering Work’s delivers efficient Mechanical Power Solutions using AC Electric Motors up to 4.5MW.

With fully equipped manufacturing facilities, Vishwas Engineering is the leading Manufacturer of Electric Motors. Our strategic product line includes Motor and Fans. Our range of Fractional Horsepower Motor serves applications such as Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning & Commercial Refrigeration (HVAC), General Purpose Applications, and Evaporative Coolers & Cooler Kits, washing Machines and Wet Rice Grinders.

Our Integral Horsepower Motors range up to 11KV serving a wide range of applications such as Pumps, Compressors, Fans, Crushers, Conveyors, Kilns etc. We also manufacture Propeller, Axial Flow and Centrifugal Flow Type of Industrial Fans used for various purposes. .


Our Products

We deal in all types of Geared Motors (1 to 500 RPM), AC/DC Motors, AC Motors, Two Speed Motors, PMDC Motors, Rotary Motors, Drum Motors, Flameproof Motors, ISI Motors & Motorized Actuators.

Following are the details of some of our products:

    Standard A.C. Motors :

  • - TEFC squirrel Cage 0.25 HP to 5 HP

  • - Eff1-Energy Efficient Motors

  • - Suitable for VFD / VPI Motors

  • - Flange Mounted - B5/B35

  • - Foot Cum Face Mounting - B14/ B34

  • - 380 volts

    Vibration Motor :

  • - Single Phase

  • - Three Phase

    SPDP Motors :

  • - SPDP Squirrel Cage Motors

  • - SPDP Slipring Motors

  • TEFC Motors :

  • - TEFC Squirrel Cage Induction Motors

  • - Double Speed TEFC Squirrel Cage Motors

  • - TEFC Slipring Motors

    DC Motor Standard :

  • - Single Phase

  • - Shant Type

  • - Series Type

  • - Compound Type


    • - TEFC sq. Cage 0.5 HP to 5 HP
    • - Suitable for VFD
    • - Double Shaft Extension
    • - Crane Duty Brake Motor also available in Flange Mounting (B5 / B35)



Vishwas Engineering Works

Supreme Industrial Estate, 49/1,
Aranyeshwar Corner,
Pune - Satara Road,
Pune - 411009
Maharashtra India.


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