The Importance of Vastu Shastra in Real Life

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The Importance of Vastu Shastra in Real Life

Vaastu is anage-old Indian science that caters to the perfectionin architectural and building structure, which helps in making the place ideal for home or office or other purpose. It is the most strategic approach where the best and positive effects of the nature and its resources creates a positive environment so that the occupants of the place gains success, health, wealth and prosperity.

VastuShastra is formed with two words Vastu’ and ‘Shastra’ where, ‘Vastu’ means “foundation of a building/site” and Shashtra means ‘study of science’ that combines art, astronomy and astrology. It is a sanskrit name given to scientific study for proper establishment of a building or site. 

A well-constructed and proper building following vastu shastra is the foundation of perfect lifestyle. Its importance has been explained in the ancient Indian history by several saints. According to them, before constructing an establishment there should be thorough study of placement and balancing of 5 natural resources, known as ‘Panchbhoota’ or ‘Panchtatva’. It is comprised of The EARTH (Bhumi), The WATER (Jal), The AIR (Vayu), The SPACE (Akash) and The FIRE (Agni). The power of ‘Panchbhoota’ or ‘Panchtatva’ is required to keep away any kind of negative energy so that one gets peace, prosperity & happiness.

The significance of the ‘five elements’ are as follows:

1. EARTH (‘Bhumi’): As Mother Earth is the foundation of human existence, the element of Earth or ‘Bhumi’ representsstability, balance, infinite patience and maturity in life. It symbolizes the self-sustainability and powerful aspect of a vastu. Earth rules the centre and diagonal directions in every built-up space. The balance of this element implicates firmness in your career, finances, relationships etc. It also brings peace and harmony within the family in real life.

2. SPACE (‘Akasha’): Space or ‘Akasha’ is the storehouse of all remaining elements. It rules the western direction. It is believed to be the essential conductor of all types of energies, whether physical such as sound or light; or individualisticsuch as acumen and instinct; and even social such as emotionalor psychological. Space indicates development, upgrade, expansion, spread, communication and even cognitive aspects. Space allows to make your own destiny. It guides youwith an ability to be organized and provide them the direction in which they can excel in life. 

3. AIR (‘Vayu’): No creature can survive without oxygen and hence Air or ‘Vayu’ is the prime element that is required to support life on earth. Vayu dominates the eastern direction. It represents growth in life. It is measured in several ways wind, temperature, pressure, etc. It is also associated movement and direction; it brings joy and happiness in life. ‘Vayu’ nurtures the risk-taking capability of the humans. It provides strength to try new things and to explore your inner-self. 

4. WATER (‘Jal’): Our body is comprised of 60% of water and the Earth is also comprised of 70 % water. Water or ‘Jal’ is the fundamental of almost all living beings on earth. It is one of the vital elements, that supports life on earth. It rules the northern direction. It is related with origination of new thoughts, clear ideas, new vision, inflow of new ventures in a life. It also represents healthy lifestyle. 

5. FIRE (‘Agni’): Fire or ‘Agni’signifies light and heat. It is the energy that accounts for the rotational and revolutionary motion of earth. Agni dominates the southern direction for vastu well-being. Natural changes like day and night and seasons are influenced by this element. Fire is epitomizedby molten core of the earth.It represents confidence, enthusiasm, passion and stamina. It is related with fame and money in real life.

The fundamental part of Vastu Shastra is that there is always a consistent connection between each of the five components. Hence, it is always advisable to follow the vastu rules before constructing any concrete structure on the earth. Consulting a vastu specialist can help you to get guidance towards perfection in constructing your home, office etc. 

A vastu friendly home brings health, happiness, wealth and prosperity for the inhabitants. Otherwise, it may bring in disastrous consequences in one’s life. 

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