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Bhoomi Towers,Sector 8,Kharghar, Navi Mumbai-410210
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Blue Dart Express Ltd. is a leading express air and integrated transportation company established in 1983 in Mumbai. With its reliable and secure delivery services, the company serves over 55,400 locations across India. Blue Dart has access to the largest and most comprehensive express and logistics network worldwide, spanning across 220 countries and territories. The company provides a complete range of distribution services, including freight forwarding, air express, customs clearance, and supply chain solutions. Blue Dart's global headquarters is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Business Information

Blue Dart has a strong brand image and equity in the global market. It operates a recognized aviation service and has an extensive domestic network that covers over 21,000 locations. Their slogan, ""We deliver Peace of Mind,"" emphasizes their commitment to providing reliable and secure delivery services.

Other Information

Blue Dart is a leading express carrier in India, offering consistent, standardized, and premium quality services to customers worldwide. With a comprehensive range of services that includes document and charter load shipments, they have a dedicated team of specialists providing expertise in customs and regulatory clearances across all states in India. This ensures seamless and hassle-free delivery for customers, enhancing their overall experience. ,

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