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Popular Categories

Category NameTotal Count
P.U.C. Center55
Packaged Air Conditioner717
Packaging and Crating Services197
Packaging and Wrapping Machines165
Packaging Bulk - Solids3
Packaging Material1192
Packaging Material - Plastic291
Packaging, Printing and Lamination58
Packers and Movers219
Packers and Movers-International16
Packers and Movers-Local2
Packers and Movers-National6
Pad Printing5
Padding Machines2
Paediatric Clinic543
Pagers and Paging Systems18
Pain Management503
Paint Brushes, Rollers and Machinery Equipments38
Paint - Industrial , Building and Marine76
Paint - Protective9
Paint Equipments and Supplies - Industrial3
Painting Contractors122
Painting Equipments and Paint Shop Maintenance25
Paints - Raw Materials99
Paints, Enamels and Varnishes994
Pallet Trucks5
Pan Card Consultants17
Pandits, Priests and Kazi6
Panelling Designers2
Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers and Suppliers184
Paper and Cardboard Manufacturing Machinery and Equipments26
Paper and Paper Products/Boards641
Paper Bags196
Paper Bags Wholesale588
Paper Cellulose, Pulp and Paper Mills30
Paper Cones and Tubes24
Paper Conversion Machinery and Products17
Paper Cutting and Binding Machinery28
Paper For Technical Use2
Paper Mill Machinery49
Paper Napkins, Rolls, Cups and Plates62
Paper Recovery and Recycling3
Paper Rolls5
Paper Shopping Bags588
Paper Shredding Machines6
Paper Wrappers / Treated Paper Wrappers6
Paper, Box-board, Card-board Making Machines12
Parcel Delivery1360
Parking And Weather Shades16
Parsi Caterers315
Particle Boards7
Party Caterers315
Party Dresses425
Party Hall44
Party Platters314
Party Plots44
Passenger Cars4
Passive Electronic Components2346
Passport Assistance Services29
Passport Office4
Passport Verification41
Pastry Shops4
Patents - Trademarks34
Pathology Laboratories187
Patio Furniture Covers1652
Pattern Designers and Makers67
Pavers And Interlocking Blocks9
Paying Guest Services7
Payroll Accounting3208
Pc Store863
Pearl Ring453
Pearls Necklace453
Pediatric Care543
Pediatric Doctor543
Pediatric Eye Doctor513
Pediatric Hospital543
Pediatric Ophthalmologist513
Pediatric Optometrist513
Pediatric Orthopedics503
Pediatric Specialists543
Pen Manufacturers53
People Photography234
Perforated Sheets19
Performance Car Parts2339
Perfume Manufacturers,Suppliers120
Permission For Organizing A Morcha41
Permission For Using Loud Speakers41
Personal Loans35
Personal Products - Shampoos, Soaps, Hair Oils Etc.143
Personality Development Institutes39
Pest Control Services157
Pest Repeller - Electronic1
Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides162
Pet Animals17
Pet Boarding17
Pet Care17
Pet Cats17
Pet Dog17
Pet Photography234
Pet Saloon2
Pet Shops33
Pet Supplies17
Petrol Pumps369
Petroleum Jelly5
Petroleum Products359
Pex Tubing500
Pfa Coatings1
Pfa Coatings Manufacturer1
Pharmaceutical Industry - Machinery and Equipments541
Pharmaceutical Raw Materials and Formulations230
Pharmaceuticals (allopathic) - suppliers23
Pharmaceuticals - Manufacturers690
Pharmaceuticals - Retailers and Wholesalers1017
Pharmaceuticals and Other Medical Preparation Manufacturers2
Pharmaceuticals Dealer1
Pharmaceuticals Supplier1
Phosphating Services1
Photo Banks2
Photo Studio234
Photocomposers and Typesetters5
Photocopiers - Rentals3
Photocopying/ Cyclostyling/ Duplicating Services and Suppliers775
Photoelectric Cells and Equipments1
Photographers - Commercial and Industrial199
Photographers - Functions and Weddings154
Photographers Near Me234
Photographic Equipments and Material Suppliers96
Photographic Studios and Film Processing Laboratories729
Photography - Events3
Photography - Fashion8
Photography - Training And Workshops3
Photography - Wedding3
Photography Business234
Photography Contract234
Photography Headshots234
Photography Store234
Photography Store Near Me234
Photography Studio234
Photography Training234
Photography Workshops234
Physician Doctor2685
Picture Frames - Wholesalers, Manufacturers and Retailers130
Pig Iron11
Pilot Plants3
Pipe Line Co.s and Pipe Line Eqpt.31
Pipe Scaffolding1
Pipe Scaffolding Contractors1
Pipes and Tubes - PVC / Rigid Plastics / Flexible Plastics503
Pipes - RCC Hume32
Pipes and Fittings - Composite27
Pipes And Fittings - HDPE122
Pipes, Tubes, Fittings, Flanges1066
Piping Contractors39
Piston Compressor458
Pistons, Cylinders and Piston Rings42
Places Of Worship1
Plant Machinery and Heavy Equipments11
Plantations - Coffee2
Plantations - General1
Plantations - Tea3
Plastering, Plaster Of Paris and Whitewashing Material38
Plastic - Acrylic, Transparent, Rigid, Foam, Corrugated118
Plastic - Fabricators, Moulders, Suppliers161
Plastic - Raw Material303
Plastic - Raw Material/Chemicals-Mfrrs.2
Plastic Bags And Rolls88
Plastic Bins589
Plastic Blow Moulded Containers1
Plastic Blow Moulded Containers Manufacturer1
Plastic Blow Moulders79
Plastic Bottles589
Plastic Bottles Wholesale588
Plastic Box588
Plastic Carboys1
Plastic Carboys Manufacturer1
Plastic Cards - Manufacturers And Dealer5
Plastic Colouring Compound and Coating15
Plastic Containers Manufacturer1
Plastic Corrugated Sheets4
Plastic Covers589
Plastic Crates,Containers, Bags and Rolls587
Plastic Extruded Products - Mfrrs.1
Plastic Fabrics Film and Sheets Manufacturers44
Plastic Films589
Plastic Hose Fittings500
Plastic Injection Moulding50
Plastic Jars and Bottles45
Plastic Jerry Cans1
Plastic Jerry Cans Manufacturer1
Plastic Laminates1254
Plastic Leather Cloth5
Plastic Machinery/Equipments7
Plastic Machinery/Equipments - Mfrrs.3
Plastic Moulded Furniture and Goods87
Plastic Moulded Products1
Plastic Moulds275
Plastic Packaging588
Plastic Processing Machinery241
Plastic Products - Household853
Plastic Products - Household-Mfrrs.3
Plastic Products - Indl.-Mfrrs.4
Plastic Products - Industrial.620
Plastic Rod500
Plastic Rods, Tubes and Sheets63
Plastic Sheeting Roll588
Plastic Sprayers3
Plastic Storage Containers588
Plastic Storage Crates588
Plastic Suppliers588
Plastic Testing Equipments4
Plastic Vacuum Forming8
Plastic Water Storage Tanks88
Plastic Water Tanks91
Plastic Welding Machines10
Plastic Working Machinery57
Play Schools57
Playground Equipments27
Ploughs and Ploughing Equipments1
Plumbing Equipments and Fixtures25
Plywood Box1232
Plywood Flooring1254
Plywood Furniture1232
Plywood Store1232
Pneumatic Industrial Suppliers20
Pneumatic Machine Tools and Accessories144
Police and Crime Investigation Agencies1
Police Stations76
Police Support Volunteer41
Polishing And Buffing Material40
Political Organisations21
Pollution Control Devices54
Pollution Control Environment12
Pollution Measuring Equipments52
Pollution Testing Services5
Poly Sheeting588
Poly Tanks91
Poly Water Tanks88
Polycarbonate Sheets25
Polyester Films11
Polyethylene Material and Products197
Polyethylene Tubing500
Polypropylene Bags588
Polypropylene Materials and Products11
Polypropylene Sheet588
Polythene Sheet588
Polyurethane Products27
Polyurethane Rigid Foam Products2
Polyurethane Surface Coating7
Pool Cafes4
Popular Restaurants998
Porcelain Tile993
Porcelain Veneers1131
Portable Compressor458
Portable Plating Machine1
Portable Plating Machine Manufacturer1
Portable Solar System92
Portable Water Tanks91
Portfolio Managers2
Post Office706
Post Office Services679
Poultry and Hatchery Products28
Poultry Equipments3
Poultry Feed25
Powder Coating and Powder Paints164
Powder Coating Equipments and Supplies44
Powder Making Machinery3
Power Generation - Projects11
Power Saving Equipments.3
Power Supply Contractor1
Power Tools158
Power Transmission Equipments29
Pra Shala4110
Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana (PMBJP)53
Pranik Healer/Teacher1
Prathmik School4110
Prathmik Shala4110
Prathmik Vidyalaya4110
Pre Owned Cars167
Pre-Inking and Nylon Stamps3
Pre-Press/Pre-Media Services1
Precious Stones35
Precision Machine Tools Dealer1
Precision Measuring Instruments35
Precision Tools and Components402
Precision Tools Dealer1
Prefabricated Structures9
Pregnancy Photos234
Premium Coffee Table Books1657
Preservatives, Food Colours and Flavours12
Press Parts and Presses11
Presses - Press Tools Components and Accessories19
Pressure and Leakage Testing Machinery1
Pressure Cookers75
Pressure Die Casting40
Pressure Gauges52
Pressure Vessels77
Pressurization Equipments and Pressure Vessels1
Primary School2341
Printed Circuit Board - Assembly3
Printed Circuit Boards63
Printed Circuit Boards-Manufacturing Machinery5
Printed Forms6
Printer Cartridge Refill213
Printer Cartridge Supplier213
Printer Ink Refill213
Printer Spares and Parts7
Printer Supplies213
Printers - Repairs And Services10
Printers - Rotogravure and Flexo129
Printing - Pre Processing19
Printing Equipments and Suppliers100
Printing Ink132
Printing Machinery and Parts270
Printing Press and Printers1404
Printing Press Machinery and Raw Materials80
Private Coaching Classes756
Private Colleges424
Private School4110
Private Security Agencies41
Private Unaided (Recognized)1
Process Control Instruments84
Process Plants38
Process Valves176
Processed Food127
Processed Fruits and Vegetables1
Product Design4
Professional Account Services3208
Professional Headshots234
Professional Housekeeping6
Professional Landscaping531
Professional Photographer234
Professional Singers1
Professional Wedding Photography234
Profile Cutting49
Prohibitory Orders41
Project Accounting3208
Project Management Consultancy5
Projector Equipments and Spares11
Projector Screen Rental296
Promotional Gifts and Souvenirs29
Property Appraiser1321
Property Developer1047
Property Developers47
Property Managers15
Prosthetics & Orthotics Solutions1
Protective Covers, Coating and Supplies13
Protective Polymer Coating1
Protective Polymer Coating Manufacturer1
Psychological Services1
Ptfe Coatings1
Ptfe Coatings Manufacturer1
Public Parks68
Public Relations21
Public Schools13
Public Secondary School4110
Pulleys - Timing5
Pulp Preparation Machinery2
Pump Control Panel Manufacturers2
Pumps - General1009
Pumps - Household - Installation and Service12
Pumps - Repairs and Services129
Pumps and Gear27
Pumps and Spares937
Pumps Authorised Dealer1
Pumps Chemical Process Pumps22
Pumps Dealer1
Pumps Metering / Dosing27
Pumps Trader1
Pure Aluminum435
Pure Veg Cakes20
Purses, Bags, Belts451
PVC Flooring6
Pvc Pipe Dealers504
PVC Pipes,Fittings and Sleeving320
PVC Strip Curtains1
Pvc Tube500
PVC/HDPE Containers and Products101
Pvdf Coatings1
Pvdf Coatings Manufacturer1