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Popular Categories

Category NameTotal Count
Tablet Filling Machines3
Tailoring Material Suppliers and Equipments292
Tailors - Men983
Tailors - Women949
Tank Industrial93
Tanning Machinery1
Tape Decks4
Tapes - Industrial and General55
Tapes - Measuring2
Tapes, Hooks and Loops7
Tar Mixers1
Tar Products11
Tarfelting Treatments1
Tarfelting Treatments Manufacturer1
Tarfelting Treatments Supplier1
Tattoo Artists778
Tattoo Suppliers2
Tax Accountant3208
Tax Agent3208
Tax Return3208
Taxi Services23
Taxi Stands1
Tea And Coffee Dealers69
Tea Chest Packing5
Tea Estates3
Teacher Training Institutes26
Technical Documentation2
Teeth - Customised Manufacturer1
Teeth Bonding1131
Teeth Cleaning1132
Teeth Whitening Dentist1131
Teflon Lined Components24
Teflon Sheets and Rods43
Teflon, Fluon, PTFE124
Telecom Service Providers61
Telecommunication Equipments590
Telecommunication Tools589
Telecommunications Equipments, Supplies and Services583
Telemarketing Services5
Telephone Answering Equipments7
Telephone Equipment589
Telephone Instruments113
Telephone Number Of Corona Vaccine Centres346
Telephone Repair Services31
Telescopes and Binoculars2
Television Accessories6
Television Broadcasters14
Television Components and Tubes3
Television Dealers, Repairers519
Television Manufacturers14
Television Programme Producers13
Temperature Indicators. Controllers36
Temple Architects1322
Tenant Information Form41
Tents and Tent Houses13
Testing Laboratories220
Testing Laboratory - Food and Food Products2
Testing Machinery - Civil Engineering1
Testing Machines - Mechanical3
Textile Auxiliaries162
Textile Dyeing Printing and Processors357
Textile Dyes and Intermediaries441
Textile Electronic Equipments5
Textile Indenting Agents6
Textile Machinery, Parts and Spares2321
Textile Manufacturers. and Textile Mills875
Textiles - Wholesalers and Retailers1441
Texture Paints2
Theatre Groups / Comperes5
Thermal Fluid Heaters1
Thermal Insulation Material1
Thermal Insulation Material Manufacturer1
Thermal Spray4
Thermic Fluid5
Thermo Scientific171
Thermocole - Formed and Granules11
Thermocole Packaging13
Thread Grinding Services8
Threading Salon778
Threads Manufacturers And Suppliers198
Three Wheeler Tyre Dealers430
Tile Making Machinery26
Tiles - Adhesiv Mosaic, Glazed, Ceramic, Terrazzo, Galicha1009
Tiles - Vitrified94
Tiles Company988
Tiles Kitchen Floor989
Tiles Wall989
Time Recorders / Attendance / Access Control32
Timers and Timing Devices41
Timing Belts6
Tin and Tin Plates7
Tin Plate Printers1
Tin Printers11
Tin Products68
Tire Companies430
TMT Bars, Pipes and Wires22
Toggle Clamps1
Toilet Cubicles1046
Toilet Paper Rolls1046
Toilet Seats1046
Toner Refill213
Tool and Alloy Steel Suppliers10
Tool Grinders25
Tool Manufacturers , Suppliers395
Tool Room Services15
Tool Supply733
Tools - Portable21
Tooth Bridge1131
Tooth Crowns1132
Tooth Extraction1132
Tooth Filling1132
Tooth Implant1132
Top 10 Hotels10
Top 10 Restaurants9
Top 100 Hotels134
Top 100 Restaurants92
Top Travel Agencies2304
Torque Tools Wrenches3
Total Wireless589
Tote Bin588
Tote Box588
Tote Container588
Touch Screen Systems2
Touch Screen Technology1
Tour Operators894
Tourism (adventure)1
Tourism Departments20
Tourist Hostels, Youth Hostels, Holiday Homes18
Tourist Information Centres36
Tower Air Conditoner717
Tower Speaker Dealers296
Town Planning and Valuation Departments3
Toy and Games199
Tracing Paper1
Tractor Tyres430
Tractors and Trailers Parts and Accessories101
Trade and Industry Organisation / Association125
Trade and Labour Unions39
Trademark Attorneys14
Traders And Wholesalers694
Trading Houses336
Traffic Control Branch41
Traffic Signs and Signals Equipments2
Trailer Manufacturers18
Trailers - Earthmoving Equipments9
Training - Air Hostess10
Training - Psychotherapy Counselling1
Training Center36
Training Institutes147
Training Institutes - Accounting9
Training Institutes - Aeronautical Engineering3
Training Institutes - Commercial2
Training Institutes - Computer Basics/D.T.P./Tally6
Training Institutes - Export and Import1
Training Institutes - Fashion Design17
Training Institutes - Gems and Jewellery Design5
Training Institutes - Interior Designing8
Training Institutes - Lab Technician3
Training Institutes - Ms-Cit1
Training Institutes - Programming Languages3
Training Institutes - Soft Skills2
Transfer Money Western Union346
Transformer Material23
Transformer Oils4
Transformer Winding Machines2
Transistors - Manufacturers3
Translators and Interpreters13
Translators and Interpreters - French1
Translators and Interpreters - German1
Transmission Chains5
Transmission Gears4
Transmission Line Towers1
Transmission Material1
Transmission Material Manufacturer1
Transmission Parts2339
Transporters - Domestic517
Transporters - International34
Transporters - Trailers42
Travel Agencies and Services3649
Travel Agents - Train1
Travel Goods26
Travel Service3350
Treks And Camp Organisers2
Trophies and Medals14
Truck Accessories2339
Truck Driving School229
Truck Parts2339
Truck Repair Services6
Trunk Manufacturers and Wholesalers19
Tube Fittings500
Tube Scaffolding1
Tube Scaffolding Contractors1
Tubeless Tyres4
Tuberculosis (T.B.) Treatment1
Tubes - Collapsible1
Tubes - Industrial110
Tubing Metal2
Turbo Chargers2
Turnkey Projects37
TV Stand Manufacturers.2
Twin Bed1657
Two Stage Air Compressor448
Two Wheeler Dealers378
Two Wheeler Dealers - Multi Brand5
Two Wheeler Finance22
Two Wheeler Service Stations784
Two Wheeler Tubes430
Two Wheeler Tyre Dealers430
Two Wheelers - Secondhand47
Two Wheelers and Three Wheelers143
Typesetting Machines1
Typewriter - Repairs14
Typewriter Accessories3
Typewriters - Manual, Electric, Electronic24
Typing Services28
Tyre Deals430
Tyre Machinery and Accessories3
Tyre Retreading and Repairing Machinery and Equipments62
Tyres and Tubes548
Tyres, Tubes, Valves376