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Popular Categories

Category NameTotal Count
Radiation Technology6
Radio Stations2
Radios - Dealers, Repair and Service31
Radios and Transistors - Manufacturers20
Railway Equipments and Supplies23
Railway Establishments/Offices1
Railway Ticketing Agents3227
Rainwater Harvesting5
Rainwater Tanks41
Rakhi Manufacturers And Suppliers1
Rationing Offices3
Raw Cotton7
Raw Silk37
Razors and Blades4
Rcc Construction2852
Ready Made Garments4398
Ready Mixed Concrete14
Real Estate - Exchange Services34
Real Estate Agents4921
Real Estate Appraiser3538
Real Estate Consultants274
Real Estate Promoters47
Real Estate Values3537
Reception Chairs292
Reception Halls - Open Air4
Rechargeable Batteries1
Rechargeable Batteries Manufacturer1
Reciprocating Air Compressor Dealers147
Recliner Chair1210
Recliner Sofa1210
Recording Services5
Recording Studios3
Rectifiers and DC Converters23
Recyclable Metal Scrap - Trading and Services2
Refilling - Cartridge and Toner82
Refrigeration Equipments - Industrial /Commercial67
Refrigeration Gases1
Refrigerator - Repairs, Services and Spares33
Refrigerator Compressor147
Refrigerators - Industrial37
Refrigerators, Freezers - Domestic277
Rehabilitation Centres - Blind7
Rehabilitation Centres - Children20
Rehabilitation Centres - Old People1
Religious Articles25
Religious Associations154
Religious Book Shops, Publishers12
Religious Places3001
Religious Trusts52
Relocation Services - Domestic and Indusrial1
Remote Sensing5
Renewable Energy233
Renewable Energy Companies233
Renewable Energy Plant and Equipments14
Renovation Of Arms Licence20
Repair Shops1210
Research and Development Center92
Research Development Centre1
Reservations - Air / Flight473
Reservations - Booking Offices290
Reservations - Railways289
Residential Air Conditioning391
Residential Builders3
Residential Construction2857
Residential Designer3537
Residential Electrical Contractor476
Residential Electrical Services476
Residential Electrician476
Resin Products53
Resistance Welding Electrodes138
Restaurant Architecture3537
Restaurants - 24 Hrs Coffee Shops16
Restaurants - American6
Restaurants - Andhra21
Restaurants - Arabian1
Restaurants - Asian8
Restaurants - Barbeque20
Restaurants - Bengali8
Restaurants - Chettinad2
Restaurants - Chinese321
Restaurants - Coffee Shops/Bakeries2463
Restaurants - Continental71
Restaurants - Fast Food797
Restaurants - French1
Restaurants - Hyderabadi66
Restaurants - Intercontinental2
Restaurants - Italian Food51
Restaurants - Japanese3
Restaurants - Karnataka3
Restaurants - Kerala3
Restaurants - Korean3
Restaurants - Mediterranean3
Restaurants - Mexican12
Restaurants - Moghlai19
Restaurants - Multicuisine308
Restaurants - Non - Vegetarian1094
Restaurants - North West Frontier10
Restaurants - Pizza354
Restaurants - Punjabi / North Indian184
Restaurants - Rajasthani6
Restaurants - Sea Foods / Coastal28
Restaurants - South Indian175
Restaurants - Tandoor102
Restaurants - Thai Food48
Restaurants - Thali89
Restaurants - Vegetarian1291
Restaurants and Bars1137
Restaurants Nearby5054
Restaurants Open5054
Restaurants That Cater544
Restorative Dentistry1087
Retail Automation2
Retailer - Food Products1
Ribbons - Textile29
Rice Milling Machinery15
Rice Mills63
Rickshaw Tyres558
Rigid Clear Plastic Tubing216
Rigid Plastic Tubing216
Rings Gold2810
Rings Platinum2810
Road Construction Machinery1
Road Construction Machinery and Equipments16
Road Construction Machinery Manufacturer1
Road Rollers1
Road Safety Equipments7
Robots, Robotics and Automation23
Rock Cutting2
Rock Drilling Equipments3
Rocking Chair1210
Rodent Control Services1
Rodent Control Services Dealers1
Roller Chains and Sprockets1
Rollers - Metal and Wooden7
Rolling Mills17
Rolling Mills and Smelting Plants Equipments4
Rolling Shutters84
Rolling Storage Bins175
Roofing Material and Contractors90
Roofing Tiles6
Rooftop Solar System Dealers234
Room Air Conditioner392
Root Canal Dentist1087
Roots Blower146
Rope and Rope Products49
Rotary Compressor146
Rotary Screw Compressor Dealers147
Rotary Union1
Round Dining Table1210
Rsp School4442
Rubber and Rubber Derivatives269
Rubber Diaphragms1
Rubber Hoses, Pipes and Gaskets9
Rubber Lining and Coating4
Rubber Mats1
Rubber Mats Manufacturer1
Rubber Pipe Dealers218
Rubber Processing Machines7
Rubber Raw Materials13
Rubber Roller Manufacturers10
Rubber Seals and Stamps65
Rubber Sheets7
Rubber Sheets Manufacturer1
Rubber Stamp Machine299
Rubber Stamp Making Machine299
Rubber Stamp Polymer299
Rubber Stamp Stand299
Rug Shop23
Rug Store23
Rustic Furniture1210