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Introduction : Supplier Categories :

Saree is an unstitched cloth of either 5 or 9 yards length. It is rectangular in shape. It is worn as a traditional garment in the Indian sub continent. The material that is used can be varied. Basically saree cloth is made up of :

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Artificial thread such as nylon, polyester etc.

History :

The history of this garment can be traced to the Indus civilization in 2800-1800 BC. The word sari or saree is evolved from Prakrit 'Sattika'. One can find reference to Sattika in earlier Buddhist literature. An Indus valley priest wearing a drape like sari has been found.

Banabhatta, the famous writer in ancient India has written a novel called Kadambari. He has described women wearing exquisite drapes or sarees.

Types :

There are many types of sarees. Many sarees get their name from the area or the town from where that particular saree is made. Some of the sarees are famous from a particular region and are known by the way they are made. Broadly speaking in the Indian subcontinent the types of sarees are as follows :

  • Sri Lankan sarees
  • Indian sarees
  • Pakistani sarees
  • Nepalese sarees
  • Bangladeshi sarees

All over India saree is draped as a traditional dress. You find many styles of sarees in India. They are region specific. When you say Paithani Saree people know you are talking about a saree that comes from Maharashtra. Some of the styles of sarees in India are :

  • Southern Styles
  • Northern Styles
  • Eastern Styles
  • Central Styles
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