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A Delicate Celebration Of Cultures

A tradition that started years ago is a seven day festival of art in its various forms. Named as 'Khajuraho dance festival' although centered around folk dance and dancers isn't just a dance festival after all. Alongwith, dancers performing from all over India the festival includes a whole range of artistic activities. Corners like 'Art Mart', 'Kala Varta','Chal Chitra', 'Hunar' and 'Swad' were added to the festival making it a wholesome celebration of art concluding with awards in 'Alankaran'.

You ask, the most sought after sight? The stunning backdrop of temples while the dancers perform in the front with all the grace and postures is to die for. The beauty of folk dances performed by some great classical artists with their own live music is astounding. Students from local and far away dance schools too are provided a chance to display their talent in all its glory. Khajuraho dance festival, solely, gathers a large crowd every year. For both the history lovers and those who love the art of dance, this dance festival is a wish come true. Rich in heritage, culture and tradition it provides way more than they can ask for. Held in the month of February, it calls out to every classical dance lover to feel the ambience that's unforgettable for life.

The day starts with the Art Mart..

The art exhibition which showcases the best painting entries from all over the country of india. Artists from all over the country start sending their entries to be exhibited months in advance and only the best of bests get the chance.

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Kala Varta in the mornings

Kala Varta or discussion on art and its forms is the corner that kicks off the day. Debates and group discussions in poems, proses or any other form of writings they prefer.

Artists of all generations gather in a circle and just throw their ideas, opinions and thoughts out in the open for others to pick up and carry it through.

Chal chitra reeling the day

Chal chitra as called in Hindi, films or movies corner encloses all the movies from years ago till date. This is dedicated to all the genres, cultures, and times of cinemas since ages. Felicitating and acknowledging good actors and actresses and their works concludes this corner.

Hunar, the night of talents

Hunar or talent, is the corner that encases the talent of local artisans. A craft fair that displays the whole workshops of artists with all their equipment displayed for tourists to watch and learn the intricacies of local art and tradition.

Swad to fill your stomach

Swad or taste corner at the near end of the day so they can enjoy every taste to its fullest. After an exhausting day when everyone is looking for food, a whole range of local cuisine is displayed. After all the food tastes the best when tired and hungry, what an idea!

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Alankaran with acknowledgment

To conclude this whole seven day trip of cultural heritage is the acknowledgement and felicitation corner for great art and artists.

This includes all those prizes that are won during the competitions and workshops organised for the tourists that visit. A perfect way to keep the audience hooked to the festival till the end.

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