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Complete list of Indian STD Codes and ISD Codes

Subscriber trunk dialing codes usually known as STD codes are allotted to each city or village/town. STD Codes are of multiple type based on the size of the city. Big cities like Pune, Kolkata have 2 digit STD Codes. Tier2 cities like Kolhapur, Surat, Jalandhar have STD Codes of 3 digits.

STD Code List

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Some example of STD Codes which are popularly searched:

Tier 1 cities

Pune STD code is "020"

Kolkata STD code is "33".

Tier-2 cities the STD code list:

Surat STD code is "261"

Jalandhar STD code is "181".

Other valuable information - Make sure the STD codes and the phone number are of total ten digits. For e.g.: 044-4500000 in here 4500000 is the phone number and "44" is Chennai Tamil Nadu STD code.

For two digits STD code: "0" is added before the STD code to make the phone numbers 10 digit valid numbers to call.

Tier-2 Cities in India have 3 digits STD code, so no "0" is to be added before the STD code. For e.g.: 231-5500000 in here 5500000 is the phone number and "231" is the Kolhapur STD code. As the Kolhapur Landline code consists of three digits, the zero should be omitted.

You can find India STD list of codes on our website. It can be searched by using the name of the city.

If you have the STD code, you can find the name of the city in alphabetical order here.