Benefits of yogasana

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Benefits of yogasana

Yogasana is composition of “physical” and “mental” practice that specified in India more than three year ago. It is six orthodox school of Hindu philosophical traditional. There is wide range of yoga school, practice & goal across the world.
The major goal of yoga is to help each one of us achieve our highest potential, free from mental stress and to experience enduring health and happiness. With the help of yoga we can expand our health, productive year far beyond the accepted norm thereby improving the quality of living.

Types of yogasana

Adho mukha savasana

Adho mukha savasana gets the name from Sanskrit word where “Adho” means “Half”,” Mukha” means “Face” and “savan” means “Dog”.

How to do 

Stand on your limbs, in a way that your body forms a table-like structure. Exhale and gently lift your lift hip and strengthen your elbows and knees. Ensure that your body should be form as inverted “v” shape. Your hand should be in line with your shoulders. And feet in line with hips. Now, press your hand into ground and lengthen your neck. Remember, your ears should touch your inner arms, and you should turn your gaze to your navel. Hold the position for few second, and then, bend your knees and return to the table position.

Benefits of Adho mukha savasana 
It strengthen whole body specially the arms, legs, shoulders, and feet.
It clam your mind relieves headache, insomnia and fatigue.
By doing it regularly it tones your muscles and help to reduce weight loss.
It also helps relieve mind depression and stress.



The name comes from Sanskrit word “padmasana” means lotus position..

How to do 

First stay on the floor with your legs straight in front .fold out left knee and turn the leg out. Just lean back slightly, pick the right leg up off the floor, and lift the left leg in front of the right.

Benefits of Adho mukha savasana 
It clam the brain.
Increase awareness and attentiveness.
Helps to develop good posture. 
Helps to keeps joints and ligaments flexible


The name comes from “Dhanura” means “bow”.

How to do 

You should lie prone and grasp the feet to lift the leg and chest to form a bow. Stay in line same position for some times and return to the previous position.

Benefits of Dhanurasana 
Effective weight loss. 
Improve digestion and appetite.
Give flexibility to back.
Strengthen back muscles.
Improve function of kidney and liver.
Releases back pain.
Cures repertory disorder like asthma.


Dandasana is Sanskrit word which means from “stick”.Dandasana or staff pose is an exercise that will help your body prepare for more intensive poses. It also increases ability to work your body.

How to do 

It starts from sited position with legs extended forwards. The palm and fingertips should be rested on ground either side of the body. Your upper body should be extending upward through the crown of the head, and your back should be perpendicular to ground. If it is not possible, a block may be placed underneath the sitting bones. The whole core should be engaged and ujjayi Breath active through this asana. The legs should be squeezing together, and point should be pointing inwards towards the body. It may even be possible to create space between heels and ground by activating the leg muscles.

Benefits of Dandasana
It improves digestive system of your body.
Prevent from sciatic pain.
Stretch and activate muscles of the legs.


The name comes from Sanskrit word “Makar” means crocodile. It perfect for back and shoulder problems.

How to do 

Relax down on the floor on your stomach. Bend your hands and keep the tip of the elbows on the ground with your fingers facing upwards. At this time, raise your shoulder and head keep your neck straight and look ahead. Turn up you’re your head little forward and place and place your chin in your palms. Extend out your legs with the toes facing outwards. Feel your body touching to ground. Breathe out slowly and relax. Stay is asana for few minutes till you fill completely relaxed. To free from the position, gently remove your palms the chin, bring your shoulders and head down. And roll over. 

Benefits of Makrasana
This Asana keep your mind inward, calming it and preventing anxiety.
The asana keeps backache at bay.
It helps you in curing slip disc,spondylitis ,and sciatica.
It relaxes your body completely and keeps you rejuvenated.
It relieves the body and mind of tension.

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