Music Therapy

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Music Therapy

Music is one of the most ancient form of melodious art, that cancreate wonders. Many of us must be knowing the historical and mythological tales aboutmusical power, which could bring rainfall, light oil-lamps, etc. Even new-borns and kids enjoy music in the form of lullabies.In recent days, music also acts as motivational source to achieve physical strength along with psychological upliftment. It is difficult to find a person who does not like music.


What is Music Therapy?
The harmonious note of music also had referencesabout its use in several form of treatment and therapies in the past. In recent days too music therapy is widely used to ensure physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well being of an individual. It was commonly practiced in India, America, Africa and Europein the past and has grown to be one of the ideal and most preferred therapies of modern world to combat several ailing conditions such as mentallyretarded, physically challenged, Alzheimer's anddementia, terminally ill, autism, brain injured, stroke, vegetative existence, dyslexia, and many others. Let us elaborately understand the benefits of music therapy in the next section. 

Benefits of Music Therapy:
According to the experts, music therapy boosts the personality of an individual by cateringthe following:

  • Heals Depression: Music is said to have an amazing effect on a person’s mood disorders. Individuals who are affected with chronic depression due to mood disorders are reported to get high benefits from music therapy. It soothes one’s mind, calms senses and helps in focussing for a bigger and better life.
  • Relieves Stress and hypertension: After a stressful day at work a melodious music acts like a magic. Just imagine the effect on a bigger platform with more complicated stress and hypertension issues. Study’s reveal that music has a calming effect on the hyperactive brain cells effectively releasing stress and hypertension.
  • Treats Alzheimer:Research reveals that listening to music or singing songs can improve emotional and behavioural aspects for people dealing with Alzheimer's disease. Musical memories are left untouched by Alzheimer’s and this is the main reason that musical therapy is proven and fruitful treatment for it.
  • Improves concentration: Music therapy is also used to improve concentration. In many cases it is seen that it acts as a miracle in improving concentration and behaviour control aspects of kids and grown-ups too.
  • Controls blood pressure and nausea: The comforting effect of an appropriate music relaxes our nerves, steadies our heart rate and thus controls blood pressure and nausea.
  • Helps in rehabilitation: Music Therapy also acts as one of the useful phenomena used in different rehabilitation centres. Research says that, after a prolonged treatment to control alcohol addiction, drug addiction, mental shock, paralysis, dementia or any other chronic psychological or behavioural or extreme medical conditions, music therapy is one of the most effective treatment to help the patients to return towards a normal life.
  • Controls aggression: We all must have seen whining kids getting relaxed with a melodious music. It also acts wonders for adults too. Several studies reveal that, music therapy is effective in controlling the aggressive attitude of an individual.
  • Helps in post-operation care: Physical medical conditions and treatments also gets benefit out of music therapy. Many times, it is seen that listening to music helps in faster healing rather than simple medications.

Who can help?
Music Therapists in India are available at several hospitals, nursing homes, schools, panchakarma and healing centres as well as in private practice. The music therapistsare well-equipped to understand the problem areas and treat with perfect form of music for different conditions, because not all music is ideal for every ailment. They also help in boosting confidence, improving communication skills, behaviour control, motor skills, effective social and leisure skills and pain management.

Helpful Information: 
Super Audio (Chennai) in collaboration with Apollo Hospital has been exploring the essence of music for more than a decade now. It has now come up with a CD, Music for Diabetes. Its other titles include Music for the Heart and Music to Overcome Stress, Strain, Fear and Depression.

"Diabetes is mainly a result of stress and music is known to be a great stress buster," says Dr. T. Mythily, a consultant cognitive neuro-psychologist and a pioneer in music therapy. 

By listening to the compilation, which has selected Carnatic raagas, it is believed that positive vibrations will be created in the lobes of the brain so that healing energy is released and a state of peace is achieved.

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